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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2008AB MeSH Source Information

Term Type Description Count (MRCONSO.RRF)
CE Entry "term" to a Supplementary Concept "term" 211288
NM Supplementary chemical "term", a name of a substance 179190
PM Machine permutation 86042
PCE Preferred entry "term" to a Supplementary Concept "term" 64455
EN MeSH nonprint entry "term" 33927
MH Main heading 25186
N1 Chemical Abstracts Service Type 1 name of a chemical 22528
EP Entry "term" 18092
DEV Descriptor entry version 16387
PEN Preferred MeSH nonprint entry "term" 15574
PEP Preferred entry "term" 7055
DSV Descriptor sort version 3952
PXQ Preferred term in preferred qualifier concept. 168
QAB Qualifier abbreviation 83
QEV Qualifier entry version 83
TQ Topical qualifier 83
XQ Alternate name for a qualifier 67
HT Hierarchical term 22
QSV Qualifier sort version 7
HS Short or alternate version of hierarchical term 4

  • Every atom has a separate row in MRCONSO.RRF.
  • Sample data below are examples of strings (atoms) associated with each source Term Type.
  • Samples below are taken from MRCONSO.RRF, although not every field is shown.
  • Every atom is assigned a Metathesaurus Term Type based on source documentation or analysis.
  • Term Type abbreviations and full names are listed under 'TTY' in Appendix B3.
  • Term Types also appear in MRRANK.RRF.
  • See Section in UMLS Documentation, Section 2, Metathesaurus for more information on MRCONSO.RRF, including examples of full rows displaying all data columns.

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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0604597 A1377919 L1184840 S1418205 M0057010 C011018 C011018 OXMGC
C0283264 A0527101 L0358630 S0463712 M0069504 C018202 C018202 16alpha-OHAD
C0061475 A0829613 L0576783 S0768297 M0075762 C021199 C021199 glutamate gamma-semialdehyde
C0061748 A0189329 L0126743 S0161950 M0077591 C022013 C022013 Gly-Tyr
C0078520 A0238675 L0158513 S0216318 M0081356 C012496 C012496 WR-122,455
C0066198 A0162067 L0109118 S0132259 M0090720 C028066 C028066 APAI
C0615365 A1349584 L1158898 S1389327 M0102959 C033136 C033136 coenzyme A, maleyl-
C0071477 A0215230 L0144201 S0190610 M0102976 C033141 C033141 PBB-Asp
C0043579 A0381664 L0267923 S0348418 M0105684 C034248 C034248 (1-oxyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-delta(3)-pyrroline-3-methyl)methanethiosulfonate
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0051146 A0159210 L0051146 S0129220 M0041801 C001570 C001570 alexidine
C0601150 A1351906 L1161009 S1391644 M0041958 C001687 C001687 maytenonic acid
C0604976 A1371476 L1179034 S1411720 M0058445 C011831 C011831 glyfluorine
C0072260 A0220985 L0072260 S0196707 M0069791 C018372 C018372 Prostaforton
C0051295 A0159688 L0051295 S0129707 M0083806 C024982 C024982 alpha-1,4-glucosidase-albumin polymer
C0610981 A2039102 L1877086 S2184245 M0086273 C026184 C026184 Pinus lambertiana sap
C0059561 A0183908 L0059561 S0156105 M0092609 C028896 C028896 erythromycin glucoheptonate
C0612764 A1375785 L1182846 S1416043 M0093317 C029215 C029215 methoxymelanin
C0072228 A0220898 L0072228 S0196622 M0095760 C030214 C030214 propylene glycol monoacrylate
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0263372 A1352208 L0491479 S1391942 M0000258 D000169 D000169 Papular Acrodermatitis, Infantile
C0001486 A0359137 L0249307 S0325141 M0000404 D000257 D000257 Infection, Adenoviridae
C0017815 A0063958 L0017815 S0045287 M0002555 D001705 D001705 Glutaraldehyde-Stabilized Graft
C0006128 A0110510 L0006128 S0081132 M0002887 D001934 D001934 Regions, Branchial
C0007033 A2027579 L0007030 S2172933 M0003387 D024401 D024401 Anhydrase B, Carbonic
C0007424 A0892081 L0007424 S0833719 M0003658 D002401 D002401 Cathepsin B Like Activity
C0007465 A0045576 L0007465 S0030254 M0003693 D002423 D002423 Death Cause
C0009472 A0115699 L0009472 S0085257 M0004896 D003153 D003153 Service, Community Health
C0010174 A0534335 L0010174 S0470083 M0005235 D003362 D003362 Analysis, Cost Benefit
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0148475 A7815892 L0158153 S2188354 M0044628 C003602 C003602 Visceralgine
C0109836 A7768912 L0116161 S0144175 M0048566 C006233 C006233 cis-1-(5-neopentyl-2-thienyl)-1-phenyl-4-pyrrolidinobut-1-ene
C0124052 A7771589 L0131483 S0169844 M0049535 C006787 C006787 isobombycol
C0097649 A7766288 L0101724 S0120918 M0078056 C022270 C022270 5 beta-pregnane-3 alpha, 20 alpha-diol-3 alpha-glucuronide
C0163608 A7777604 L0191034 S0260076 M0093159 C029141 C029141 chroman C1
C0110215 A7769019 L0116548 S0144828 M0096154 C030395 C030395 CMP-N-acetylneuraminate-beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase
C0102169 A7767134 L0107300 S0129297 M0102407 C032923 C032923 alkaline proteases, bacterial
C0616717 A7793450 L1162552 S1393335 M0108470 C035387 C035387 indium albumin microspheres
C0125227 A7771942 L0309654 S0172541 M0120452 C040454 C040454 lactulose-lysine
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0001158 A0055578 L0014681 S0038627 M0000235 D000156 D000156 Equisetic Acid
C0001566 A0126935 L0001566 S0094262 M0000449 D000287 D000287 Topical Administration
C0001940 A0388956 L0279136 S0354910 M0000641 D000425 D000425 Alcohol-Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder
C0021864 A0075199 L0021864 S0053970 M0002858 D001918 D001918 Intracavity Radiotherapy
C0007692 A0121324 L0007692 S0089576 M0003807 D002495 D002495 Supply, Hospital Central
C0010351 A0059853 L0277131 S0041969 M0005336 D003425 D003425 Flugestone Acetate
C0011910 A0917090 L0811518 S0858729 M0006176 D003941 D003941 Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmologic
C0012294 A0048872 L0012294 S0033017 M0006406 D004088 D004088 Dihydroergotoxin
C0013423 A1642734 L0013423 S1681244 M0006936 D004422 D004422 Dystonia Deformans Musculorum
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0001646 A0020307 L0001646 S0011271 M0000496 D000320 D000320 Adrenergic Fibers
C0001992 A0021431 L0001992 S0012137 M0000679 D000447 D000447 Aldehydes
C0004044 A0027118 L0004044 S0016259 M0001859 D001237 D001237 Asphyxia
C0004475 A0028304 L0085632 S0017183 M0002060 D001374 D001374 Azacitidine
C0005557 A0030993 L0005557 S0019259 M0002554 D001705 D001705 Bioprosthesis
C0005967 A0032029 L0005967 S0020093 M0002792 D001859 D001859 Bone Neoplasms
C0006308 A2782547 L0006308 S0020806 M0002986 D042021 D042021 Brucellaceae
C0302363 A0033007 L0006311 S0020810 M0002990 D002007 D002007 Brucellosis, Bovine
C0006755 A0053949 L0006755 S0037424 M0003200 D002141 D002141 Encephalitis Virus, California
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0001187 A0532332 L0357779 S0468620 M0000250 D000167 D000167 Acridinium, 3,6-diamino-10-methyl-, chloride, mixt. with 3,6-acridinediamine
C0005982 A0527505 L0357762 S0464130 M0002799 D001865 D001865 2,4,8,10,14,18,20-Docosaheptaenedioic acid, 20-(carboxymethyl)-6-methoxy-2,5,17-trimethyl-, (R-(R*,S*-(E,Z,Z,E,E,Z,E)))-
C0006937 A0527262 L0355828 S0463886 M0003318 D002215 D002215 1H-Isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione, 3a,4,7,7a-tetrahydro-2-((trichloromethyl)thio)-
C0010711 A0527346 L0355870 S0463973 M0005564 D003561 D003561 2(1H)-Pyrimidinone, 4-amino-1-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl-
C0016330 A0060009 L0016330 S0042100 M0008618 D005461 D005461 Fluorine
C0022252 A0546539 L0356732 S0479723 M0011788 D007548 D007548 D-Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate
C0031891 A0537298 L0356353 S0472503 M0016844 D010853 D010853 Benzene, 2-chloro-1,3,5-trinitro-
C0031990 A0528125 L0354819 S0464765 M0016899 D010894 D010894 2H-1,2-Benzothiazine-3-carboxamide, 4-hydroxy-2-methyl-N-2-pyridinyl-, 1,1-dioxide
C0035823 A0527771 L0354756 S0464400 M0019254 D012382 D012382 2-Naphthacenecarboxamide, 4-(dimethylamino)-1,4,4a,5,5a,6,11,12a-octahydro-3,6,10,12,12a-pentahydroxy-6-methyl-1,11-dioxo-N-(1-pyrrolidinylmethyl)-, (4S-(4alpha,4aalpha,5aalpha,6beta,12aalpha))-
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C1260951 A0642558 L0499635 S0587599 M0000741 D027782 D027782 Allium schoenoprasum
C0002912 A0046458 L0002912 S0031065 M0001152 D000766 D000766 Dental Anesthesia
C0003248 A0024737 L0003247 S0014519 M0001356 D000910 D000910 Antibodies, Heterogenetic
C0004933 A0029570 L0004931 S0018110 M0002286 D001521 D001521 Behavior Modification
C0006230 A0016895 L0000183 S0008036 M0002948 D001971 D001971 2-Bromoergocryptine
C0007601 A0127696 L0007601 S0094847 M0003758 D002461 D002461 Transformed Cell Line
C0007820 A1643459 L1407061 S1682000 M0003914 D002561 D002561 Vascular Diseases, Intracranial
C0008971 A0106902 L0008971 S0077998 M0004569 D002985 D002985 Protocols, Clinical
C0011411 A0046706 L0011411 S0031301 M0005848 D003727 D003727 Dental Receptionists
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0494463 A12082669 L6516913 S7611500 M0333941 D000544 D000544 ALZHEIMER DIS LATE ONSET
C0002978 A12089861 L6518073 S7611644 M0001187 D000792 D000792 ANGIOGR
C0003185 A12089865 L6520330 S7611724 M0001319 D000884 D000884 ANTHROPOL CULTURAL
C0003463 A12082707 L6330094 S7235731 M0001529 D001005 D001005 ANUS NEOPL
C0006024 A12093638 L6331430 S7249211 M0002827 D001891 D001891 BORNA DIS VIRUS
C0006075 A12093641 L6329707 S7249226 M0002851 D001912 D001912 BOVINE VIRUS DIARRHEA MUCOSAL DIS
C0006098 A12071725 L6522254 S7592706 M0002857 D001918 D001918 CURIETHER
C0496899 A12089975 L6518163 S7600027 M0334228 D001932 D001932 NEOPL BRAIN BENIGN
C0007772 A12090018 L6530091 S7597774 M0003876 D002538 D002538 INTRACRANIAL ARTERIOVENOUS MALFORMATIONS CONGEN
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C1412025 A7787930 L0201916 S0803064 M0001023 D000666 D000666 Amphotericin B Cholesterol Dispersion
C0600122 A7756830 L0006461 S0021085 M0003078 D002065 D002065 Buspar
C0699301 A7757202 L0008234 S0024691 M0004124 D002701 D002701 Chlorocid
C0009294 A7757407 L0009294 S0026394 M0004755 D003087 D003087 Colicin N
C0009318 A7757414 L0009318 S0026418 M0004769 D003091 D003091 Colistin Sulfomethate
C1527284 A7757855 L0011409 S0031294 M0005924 D003784 D003784 Dental Pulp Stone
C0699051 A7783961 L0393756 S0486545 M0008914 D005672 D005672 Fusidin
C0039020 A7763564 L0039015 S0090044 M0009118 D005812 D005812 Switch Complexes
C0010906 A7757745 L0010906 S0029985 M0009382 D005973 D005973 D-Glutamine
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0009967 A7757542 L0009967 S0028119 M0000343 D000223 D000223 Coping Behavior
C0001577 A7755776 L0001577 S0011156 M0000458 D000292 D000292 Adnexitis
C0010367 A7757649 L0010367 S0028942 M0002700 D001788 D001788 Crossmatching, Blood
C0021864 A7762588 L0021864 S0079753 M0002858 D001918 D001918 Radiotherapy, Intracavity
C0002631 A7756030 L0002631 S0013279 M0004337 D002821 D002821 Amnionitis
C0042799 A7764366 L0042799 S0099192 M0004895 D003152 D003152 Visiting Nurses
C0006540 A7756855 L0006540 S0021180 M0005044 D003249 D003249 Bylaws
C0022164 A7760018 L0022164 S0054526 M0005438 D003486 D003486 Isocyanides
C0011454 A7757860 L0011454 S0031443 M0005921 D003781 D003781 Denture Stability
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0002157 A12078997 L6529813 S7611554 M0000751 D000499 D000499 AMINOPROPYLENE 03
C0039217 A12086303 L6531182 S7605552 M0001417 D000945 D000945 T AAC ANTIGENS 06
C0008671 A12075527 L6526018 S7592008 M0004437 D002898 D002898 CHROMOSOME 08
C0009500 A12079226 L6526059 S7592403 M0004926 D003174 D003174 COMPLEMENT C 01 INACTIVATOR PROTEINS
C0010731 A12082877 L0010731 S7592793 M0005576 D003569 D003569 CYTIDINE MONOPHOSPHATE ACETYLNEURAMINIC ACID N
C0012055 A12068346 L6522339 S7593448 M0006260 D003995 D003995 DIBUTYRYL GUANOSINE MONOPHOSPHATE 03 05
C0012531 A12090202 L6520400 S7593537 M0006516 D004160 D004160 DIPHENYLCARBAZIDE 01 05
C0751101 A12068399 L6195758 S0394066 M0334281 D004673 D004673 POSTVACCINAL ENCEPHALOMYELITIS
C0014644 A12083074 L6518716 S7596693 M0007615 D004854 D004854 HUMAN HERPESVIRUS 04
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0220810 A8396179 L0009698 S0416928 M0030205 Q000002 Q000002 congenital defects
C1527361 A8396190 L1222372 S0417508 M0030206 Q000002 Q000002 deformities
C0243067 A8396189 L0295218 S0417503 M0030207 Q000002 Q000002 defects
C0334079 A8396145 L0281891 S0415018 M0030209 Q000002 Q000002 aplasia
C0243066 A8396151 L0283953 S0415227 M0030210 Q000002 Q000002 atresia
C0543481 A8396235 L0307318 S0420367 M0030211 Q000002 Q000002 hypoplasia
C0243072 A8396192 L0295707 S0417636 M0030235 Q000031 Q000031 derivatives
C0243073 A8396148 L0283689 S0415191 M0030238 Q000032 Q000032 assay
C0243074 A8396166 L0280169 S0416449 M0030239 Q000032 Q000032 chemical analysis
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0000769 A12081474 L0655322 S0787633 M0030203 Q000002 Q000002 AB
C0001555 A12081475 L0493326 S0580198 M0030212 Q000008 Q000008 AD
C0001688 A12088676 L5359421 S6126961 M0030213 Q000009 Q000009 AE
C0002776 A12081476 L1190700 S1424803 M0030233 Q000031 Q000031 AA
C1524024 A12096030 L5360054 S6129091 M0030237 Q000032 Q000032 AN
C0002809 A12092369 L6494047 S7497936 M0030241 Q000033 Q000033 AH
C0003139 A12085067 L1951258 S6128031 M0030247 Q000037 Q000037 AI
C0005572 A12074144 L1224873 S0814012 M0030287 Q000096 Q000096 BI
C0005768 A12096033 L1776744 S6116001 M0030288 Q000097 Q000097 BL
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0000769 A12074143 L6330721 S7254610 M0030203 Q000002 Q000002 ABNORM
C0001555 A12085064 L6328977 S7256688 M0030212 Q000008 Q000008 ADMIN
C0001688 A12070475 L6525779 S7611292 M0030213 Q000009 Q000009 ADV EFF
C0002776 A12077845 L0214858 S7611602 M0030233 Q000031 Q000031 ANALOGS
C1524024 A12085066 L0248668 S5827942 M0030237 Q000032 Q000032 ANAL
C0002809 A12088677 L5129351 S5827947 M0030241 Q000033 Q000033 ANAT
C0003139 A12081477 L6525808 S7611714 M0030247 Q000037 Q000037 ANTAG
C0005572 A12086191 L6520163 S7590920 M0030287 Q000096 Q000096 BIOSYN
C0005768 A12096032 L0005767 S0357793 M0030288 Q000097 Q000097 BLOOD
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0000769 A3879701 L0000768 S0100733 M0030203 Q000002 Q000002 abnormalities
C0001555 A3879702 L0001555 S0100740 M0030212 Q000008 Q000008 administration & dosage
C0001688 A3879703 L0001688 S0100741 M0030213 Q000009 Q000009 adverse effects
C0002776 A3879704 L0002776 S0100750 M0030233 Q000031 Q000031 analogs & derivatives
C1524024 A3879705 L5360085 S0100751 M0030237 Q000032 Q000032 analysis
C0002809 A3879706 L0002809 S0100752 M0030241 Q000033 Q000033 anatomy & histology
C0003139 A3879707 L0003139 S0100754 M0030247 Q000037 Q000037 antagonists & inhibitors
C0005572 A3879708 L0005572 S0100784 M0030287 Q000096 Q000096 biosynthesis
C0005768 A3879709 L0005767 S0100785 M0030288 Q000097 Q000097 blood
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0000769 A3879795 L0280739 S0414931 M0030203 Q000002 Q000002 anomalies
C0000769 A3879998 L0318544 S0426355 M0030203 Q000002 Q000002 teratology
C0220810 A3879814 L0005602 S0415715 M0030205 Q000002 Q000002 birth defects
C0001688 A3879906 L0298690 S0420608 M0030213 Q000009 Q000009 injurious effects
C0001688 A3879985 L0298700 S0425612 M0030213 Q000009 Q000009 side effects
C0001688 A3880005 L0298706 S0427049 M0030213 Q000009 Q000009 undesirable effects
C0005572 A3879793 L0002745 S0414848 M0030287 Q000096 Q000096 anabolism
C0005572 A3879811 L0285917 S0415679 M0030287 Q000096 Q000096 bioformation
C0005839 A3880009 L0318984 S0427213 M0030289 Q000098 Q000098 vasculature
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cui aui lui sui sdui code str
C1135586 A2367949 L2305982 S2721621 U000016 U000016 MeSH Supplementals
C1256739 A2367943 L2303818 S2721615 U000017 U000017 MeSH Descriptors
C1256740 A2367948 L2305981 S2721620 U000018 U000018 MeSH Qualifiers
C1256741 A2366890 L2303817 S2720585 U000019 U000019 Index Medicus Descriptor
C1256745 A2364231 L2302923 S2717954 U000021 U000021 Check Tag
C0002784 A0135345 L0002784 S0101154 U000001 U000001 Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment (MeSH Category)
C0002807 A0135346 L0087542 S0101155 U000002 U000002 Anatomy (MeSH Category)
C0003186 A0135348 L0003186 S0101158 U000003 U000003 Anthropology, Education, Sociology and Social Phenomena (MeSH Category)
C0079023 A0135357 L0079023 S0101171 U000004 U000004 Biological Sciences (MeSH Category)
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cui aui lui sui scui sdui code str
C0001555 A12085065 L6525773 S7611230 M0030212 Q000008 Q000008 ADMINISTRATION A
C0002809 A12096031 L6518072 S7611608 M0030241 Q000033 Q000033 ANATOMY A
C1457898 A12096038 L6518662 S7595695 M0030446 Q000254 Q000254 GROWTH A
C0022189 A12085073 L6518850 S7597848 M0030500 Q000302 Q000302 ISOLATION A
C0023242 A12096039 L6526619 S7598279 M0030527 Q000331 Q000331 LEGISLATION AB
C0029236 A12081485 L6528851 S7600943 M0030662 Q000458 Q000458 ORGANIZATION ANDD
C0033107 A12096047 L6523119 S7602121 M0030715 Q000517 Q000517 PREVENTION A
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cui aui lui sui sdui code str
C1256741 A2367944 L2298076 S2721616 U000019 U000019 MeSH Descriptors Class 1
C1256743 A2367945 L2298964 S2721617 U000020 U000020 MeSH Descriptors Class 2
C1256745 A2367946 L2299398 S2721618 U000021 U000021 MeSH Descriptors Class 3
C0017446 A2367947 L2299641 S2721619 U000022 U000022 MeSH Descriptors Class 4