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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2008AB National Drug File - Reference Terminology Source Information

Term Type Description Count (MRCONSO.RRF)
SY Designated synonym 70513
PT Designated preferred name 40106
FN Full form of descriptor 40098
AB Abbreviation in any source vocabulary 13385
HT Hierarchical term 8

  • Every atom has a separate row in MRCONSO.RRF.
  • Sample data below are examples of strings (atoms) associated with each source Term Type.
  • Samples below are taken from MRCONSO.RRF, although not every field is shown.
  • Every atom is assigned a Metathesaurus Term Type based on source documentation or analysis.
  • Term Type abbreviations and full names are listed under 'TTY' in Appendix B3.
  • Term Types also appear in MRRANK.RRF.
  • See Section in UMLS Documentation, Section 2, Metathesaurus for more information on MRCONSO.RRF, including examples of full rows displaying all data columns.

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cui aui lui sui scui code str
C0563622 A14817283 L1063426 S1670682 C856 C856 Agnosia, Visuospatial
C0002882 A14899158 L0002882 S0013751 C958 C958 Anemia, Congenital Nonspherocytic Hemolytic
C0003910 A14817454 L0856046 S1689378 C1150 C1150 Impairments, Phonology
C0006035 A14961067 L0006035 S0052493 C1368 C1368 Infections, Borrelia
C0006262 A14879013 L0006262 S0372955 C1408 C1408 Fistula, Bronchial
C0700053 A14920102 L0020802 S0089111 C1552 C1552 Subvalvular Stenosis, Idiopathic Hypertrophic
C0003132 A14858541 L1378845 S1683880 C1610 C1610 Hypoxic Encephalopathy
C0003132 A14838045 L0371751 S1671939 C1610 C1610 Encephalopathies, Anoxic
C0008412 A14858632 L0008412 S0030533 C1708 C1708 Deficiency, Choline
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cui aui lui sui scui code str
C1373069 A14960623 L4862976 S5548293 C494 C494 Parathormone Receptor Agonists
C0001231 A14960693 L0001231 S0010410 C770 C770 ACTH Syndrome, Ectopic
C0002534 A14837602 L6100597 S0013118 C918 C918 Aminoaciduria, Renal
C0002963 A14817352 L0002963 S0013926 C992 C992 Angina Pectoris, Variant
C0013240 A14920479 L0013240 S0035654 C2180 C2180 Dry Socket
C0020540 A14880211 L0020540 S0050513 C3412 C3412 Hypertension, Malignant
C0025239 A14819234 L0025239 S0061038 C4128 C4128 Melorheostosis
C0027868 A14860253 L0027868 S0066422 C4530 C4530 Neuromuscular Diseases
C0041182 A14840792 L0249805 S0327052 C6224 C6224 Trophoblastic Neoplasms
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cui aui lui sui scui code str
C1373234 A14857940 L7660670 S8886773 C190 C190 Mental Disorders and Manifestations [Disease/Finding]
C0001433 A14817246 L7661420 S8857004 C804 C804 Adenoma, Acidophil [Disease/Finding]
C0006840 A14961147 L7667423 S8870786 C1478 C1478 Candidiasis [Disease/Finding]
C0010418 A14920370 L7654664 S8872013 C1942 C1942 Cryptosporidiosis [Disease/Finding]
C0020875 A14921249 L7677515 S8882257 C3498 C3498 Ileal Diseases [Disease/Finding]
C0023743 A14819101 L7656230 S8884966 C3868 C3868 Linitis Plastica [Disease/Finding]
C0032453 A14819838 L7657158 S8856735 C5080 C5080 Polychondritis, Relapsing [Disease/Finding]
C0035956 A14901882 L7653067 S8858687 C5496 C5496 Rupture, Spontaneous [Disease/Finding]
C0023473 A14882177 L7656222 S8884844 C6700 C6700 Leukemia, Myeloid, Chronic [Disease/Finding]
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cui aui lui sui scui code str
C0973774 A14886459 L1909184 S2216714 C32184 C32184 APAP 500/PSEUDOEPHEDRINE 30MG CAP
C0973858 A14948042 L1916538 S2215039 C32450 C32450 ALOH/MGOH/SIMTH XTRA STRENGTH CHEW TAB
C1696556 A14968721 L1889125 S2213526 C32534 C32534 ALBUTEROL SO4 0.083% INHL 3ML
C0974146 A14866043 L1893766 S2215009 C33208 C33208 ALOE VESTA 3-N-1 CLEANSING TOP FOAM
C0974340 A14907184 L1907066 S2215920 C33714 C33714 AMOXICILLIN 250MG CAP UD
C0981211 A14886729 L1900728 S2216104 C33808 C33808 AMPICILLIN 125MG/5ML SUSP
C0794855 A14886737 L1901773 S2216197 C33840 C33840 AMPRENAVIR 150MG CAP
C0974405 A14948245 L1895321 S2239179 C33874 C33874 PANCREASE MT 10 EC CAP
C0974552 A14948307 L1902148 S2216896 C34272 C34272 ASA 325/CAFF 16/SALICYLAMIDE 95MG TAB
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cui aui lui sui scui code str
C0013227 A14919477 L0879710 S0989339 C176 C176 Pharmaceutical Preparations
C0085993 A14817123 L7658857 S8871218 C178 C178 Chemical Ingredients [Chemical/Ingredient]
C1373163 A14898916 L7671907 S8871566 C180 C180 Clinical Kinetics [PK]
C1373233 A14817124 L7655066 S8875432 C182 C182 Diseases, Manifestations or Physiologic States [Disease/Finding]
C1373094 A14960641 L7680617 S8871109 C624 C624 Cellular or Molecular Interactions [MoA]
C1372798 A14947780 L7652771 S8856504 C29970 C29970 Physiological Effects [PE]
C2267212 A14968487 L7670369 S8858695 C30528 C30528 RxNorm Dose Forms [RxNorm Dose Form]
C1136352 A14848977 L7680147 S8867466 C242402 C242402 Biologic Structures of Recipient [Genomics]