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2009AA Outcome and Assessment Information Set Source Information


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Term Type Description Count (MRCONSO.RRF)
LN LOINC official fully specified name 155
LX Official fully specified name with expanded abbreviations 155


  • A term type indicates the role an atom plays in its source
  • An atom is the smallest unit of naming in a source; that is, a specific string with specific code values and identifiers from a specific source.
  • Every atom has a separate row in MRCONSO.RRF. Every atom is assigned a term type.
  • Term types are assigned based on source documentation or NLM understanding of the source.
  • Sample data are provided for every term type in the source (see below).
  • See Appendix B3 for a list of all term type abbreviations and their full names.
  • See Appendix B.5 for a list of sources and their associated term types, listed in default order of precedence.
  • See Section of UMLS Documentation for more information on MRCONSO.RRF.

Sample Data


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C1830514 A12781622 L6422425 S7373580 46542-7 Status of most problematic pressure ulcer:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:OASIS
C1830517 A12782704 L6408276 S7350179 46544-3 Number of stasis ulcers:Num:Pt:^Patient:Qn:OASIS
C1830519 A12782269 L6419250 S7383310 46545-0 Unobserved stasis ulcer:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:OASIS
C1830521 A12782929 L6422426 S7373583 46546-8 Status of most problematic stasis ulcer:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:OASIS
C1830523 A12781624 L6425862 S7376499 46547-6 Surgical wound:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:OASIS
C1830524 A12783136 L6401487 S7350189 46548-4 Number of surgical wounds:Num:Pt:^Patient:Qn:OASIS
C1830526 A12782045 L6409108 S7383313 46549-2 Unobserved surgical wound:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:OASIS
C1830354 A12781813 L6403992 S7443413 46456-0 Agency medicare provider number:ID:Pt:Provider:Nom:OASIS
C1830360 A12782909 L6409933 S7411538 46459-4 Changed medical regimen diagnoses:-:Pt:^Patient:Set


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C1830517 A12781623 L6401485 S7350180 46544-3 Number of stasis ulcers:Number:Point in time:^Patient:Quantitative:OASIS
C1830521 A12782705 L6418995 S7373584 46546-8 Status of most problematic stasis ulcer:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:OASIS
C1830526 A12782498 L6409109 S7383315 46549-2 Unobserved surgical wound:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:OASIS
C1830354 A12782908 L6407430 S7443424 46456-0 Agency medicare provider number:Identifier:Point in time:Provider:Nominal:OASIS
C1830356 A12782252 L6407605 S7449533 46457-8 Inpatient discharge facility:Type:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal:OASIS
C1830358 A12781815 L6427934 S7449536 46458-6 Inpatient facililty diagnoses:-:Point in time:^Patient:Set
C1830362 A12783118 L6411644 S7350153 46460-2 Number of pressure ulcers at each stage:-:Point in time:^Patient:Set
C1830370 A12783119 L6420363 S7420957 46464-4 Current payment sources for home care:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal:OASIS
C1830372 A12782471 L6427013 S7417706 46465-1 Conditions prior to medical or treatment regimen change or inpatient stay within past 14 days:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:OASIS

Last Reviewed: June 21, 2011