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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2010AA Patient Monitoring Guidelines Source Information


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Term Type Description Count (MRCONSO.RRF)
LC Long common name 46
LN LOINC official fully specified name 46
LX Official fully specified name with expanded abbreviations 46


  • A term type indicates the role an atom plays in its source
  • An atom is the smallest unit of naming in a source; that is, a specific string with specific code values and identifiers from a specific source.
  • Every atom has a separate row in MRCONSO.RRF. Every atom is assigned a term type.
  • Term types are assigned based on source documentation or NLM understanding of the source.
  • Sample data are provided for every term type in the source (see below).
  • See Appendix B3 for a list of all term type abbreviations and their full names.
  • See Appendix B.5 for a list of sources and their associated term types, listed in default order of precedence.
  • See Section of UMLS Documentation for more information on MRCONSO.RRF.

Sample Data


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C1976604 A16904151 L8892051 S11027584 45230-0 District where patient entered HIV treatment
C1976606 A16908710 L8877506 S11032672 45231-8 HIV treatment prior to enrollment
C1976608 A16931649 L8882573 S11044343 45232-6 Reason medically eligible for HIV treatment
C1976610 A16936232 L8894891 S11051909 45233-4 World Health Organization HIV stage
C1976612 A16908711 L8895684 S11025444 45234-2 Date eligible and selected to start HIV treatment
C1976614 A16931650 L8895695 S11025548 45235-9 Date original clinic HIV treatment start
C1976616 A16908712 L8896553 S11032668 45236-7 HIV treatment cohort
C1976618 A16922506 L8876710 S11025452 45237-5 Date lost to HIV treatment follow-up
C1976620 A16936233 L8876711 S11025453 45238-3 Date lost to HIV treatment therapy


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C1976588 A13475764 L6909787 S8023635 47247-2 Outpatient encounter-level information section:-:Pt:^Patient:Set:HIV-ART
C1976589 A13475684 L6885288 S8026802 47248-0 Antiretroviral therapy status section:-:Pt:^Patient:Set:HIV-ART
C1976590 A13475737 L6904488 S8048973 47249-8 HIV care & family status section:-:Pt:^Patient:Set:HIV-ART
C1976591 A13475801 L6079490 S8023046 45248-2 Number of hospital days since last outpatient visit:Num:Pt:^Patient:Qn:Reported
C1976593 A13475736 L6080302 S8046129 45249-0 Evidence of tuberculosis resistance:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:Reported
C1976595 A13475763 L6072304 S8048974 45250-8 HIV confirmation facility:Addr:Pt:Facility:Nom:Reported
C1976597 A13475713 L6078232 S8048975 45251-6 HIV confirmation facility:ID:Pt:Facility:Nom:Reported
C1976598 A13475700 L6080169 S8017237 45252-4 Institutional entry point HIV Rx:Type:Pt:Facility:Nom:Reported
C1976600 A13475762 L6072302 S8048968 45253-2 HIV Rx prior clinic transferred from:Addr:Pt:Facility:Nom:Reported


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C1976588 A13475690 L6889177 S8023634 47247-2 Outpatient encounter-level information section:-:Point in time:^Patient:Set:HIV-ART
C1976589 A13475745 L6914423 S8026801 47248-0 Antiretroviral therapy status section:-:Point in time:^Patient:Set:HIV-ART
C1976590 A13475807 L6910962 S8033784 47249-8 human immunodeficiency virus care & family status section:-:Point in time:^Patient:Set:HIV-ART
C1976591 A13475721 L6079491 S8023047 45248-2 Number of hospital days since last outpatient visit:Number:Point in time:^Patient:Quantitative:Reported
C1976593 A13475806 L6080303 S8046130 45249-0 Evidence of tuberculosis resistance:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:Reported
C1976595 A13475720 L6072307 S8033786 45250-8 human immunodeficiency virus confirmation facility:Address:Point in time:Facility:Nominal:Reported
C1976597 A13475719 L6078230 S8033787 45251-6 human immunodeficiency virus confirmation facility:Identifier:Point in time:Facility:Nominal:Reported
C1976598 A13475689 L6079548 S8017239 45252-4 Institutional entry point human immunodeficiency virus Rx:Type:Point in time:Facility:Nominal:Reported
C1976600 A13475744 L6072305 S8033779 45253-2 human immunodeficiency virus Rx prior clinic transferred from:Address:Point in time:Facility:Nominal:Reported