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2010AA Multum Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
NDC National Drug Code corresponding to a clinical drug (e.g. 000023082503) 145181
DCSA Controlled Substance Act designation code (e.g. 0,2,3n) 33063
DDF Drug Doseform (e.g. chewable tablet) 33063
DDFA Drug Doseform Abbreviation (e.g. SOLN) 33063
DRT Drug Route of Administration (e.g. Injection (systemic) ) 33063
DRTA Drug Route of Administration Abbreviation (e.g. INJ) 33063
DST Drug Strength (e.g. 0.01%, 0.02 MG, 0.02 MG/ML) 33063
TYPE Multum Medical Supply Category (e.g. natural supplements) 9266
DHJC Multum HCPCS J-code Multum clinical drugs linked to HCPCS J-codes where applicable (e.g. J7507) 4356
DPC Multum Pregnancy Hazard Classification Code assigned to Multum clinical drugs. (e.g. X, D) 2820
AMBIGUITY_FLAG Source atom Abmiguity Flag 649


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Appendix B.2 for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See UMLS Documentation Section for more information on MRSAT.RRF.

Sample Data


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C0688058 A1508350 L1316810 S1559360 AUI 1034 NDC 00185012801 Bumetanide, 0.5 mg oral tablet
C0689184 A1996467 L1833287 S2141017 AUI 2100 NDC 00185092901 Imipramine Hydrochloride, 50 mg oral tablet
C0689263 A1521699 L1328637 S1571936 AUI 1828 NDC 00182135601 Isoniazid, 300 mg oral tablet
C0689306 A1519555 L1326814 S1569974 AUI 2160 NDC 00839776806 Ketoprofen, 25 mg oral capsule
C0689534 A1527147 L1333323 S1576951 AUI 2193 NDC 00247001308 Methocarbamol, 750 mg oral tablet
C0689534 A1527147 L1333323 S1576951 AUI 2193 NDC 00536402701 Methocarbamol, 750 mg oral tablet
C0689707 A1523118 L1329812 S1573190 AUI 2124 NDC 00904781760 Nadolol, 40 mg oral tablet
C0689879 A1523795 L1330357 S1573759 AUI 463 NDC 00405014001 Acetaminophen-Oxycodone Hydrochloride, 500 mg-5 mg oral capsule
C0690184 A1526681 L1332963 S1576563 AUI 1782 NDC 00781137801 Acetaminophen-Propoxyphene Hydrochloride, hydrochloride 650 mg-65 mg oral tablet
C2710426 A1527398 L1333527 S1577177 AUI 2798 NDC 58016053260 Propranolol Hydrochloride, 80 mg oral tablet
C0690432 A1515889 L1323602 S1566578 AUI 3259 NDC 00364244105 Sulindac, 150 mg oral tablet
C0690469 A1520132 L1327351 S1570563 AUI 3024 NDC 00228240496 Tetracycline Hydrochloride, 250 mg oral capsule
C0690601 A1520368 L1327565 S1570796 AUI 2922 NDC 00686029220 Tolazamide, 250 mg oral tablet
C0690602 A1526043 L1332418 S1575984 AUI 2923 NDC 00364072290 Tolazamide, 500 mg oral tablet
C0691131 A1514942 L1322739 S1565673 AUI 4938 NDC 00713010450 Aspirin, 125 mg rectal suppository
C0691212 A1511504 L1319639 S1562324 AUI 3889 NDC 00247019506 Bisacodyl, 10 mg rectal suppository
C0691537 A1508413 L1316871 S1559428 AUI 5224 NDC 00247020129 Hydrocortisone, Topical, 0.5% topical cream
C0703985 A1508809 L1317242 S1559831 AUI 3777 NDC 00247005150 Epinephrine-Lidocaine Hydrochloride, 1:100000-1% injectable solution
C1875884 A1523987 L1330541 S1573949 AUI 5669 NDC 00074434301 Aminosyn with Electrolytes, Amino Acids 8.5% with Electrolytes (Aminosyn) intravenous solution


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C0981326 A1507075 L1315572 S1558058 AUI 1517 DCSA 0 clonidine topical 0.1 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
C0981511 A1506927 L1315420 S1557901 AUI 1977 DCSA 0 isoproterenol 0.08% inhalation aerosol with adapter
C0690532 A1519844 L1327087 S1570273 AUI 3213 DCSA 0 thioridazine 25 mg oral tablet
C0690717 A1514771 L1322592 S1565513 AUI 3591 DCSA 0 verapamil 120 mg oral tablet
C0776474 A1520285 L1327492 S1570714 AUI 3809 DCSA 0 griseofulvin microcrystalline 250 mg oral tablet
C2719289 A2606951 L2469776 S2944062 AUI 4142 DCSA 0 saquinavir mesylate 200 mg oral capsule
C0974462 A1514171 L1322036 S1564937 AUI 4590 DCSA 0 APAP/ASA/caffeine/salicylamide 115 mg-210 mg-16 mg-65 mg oral tablet
C1591455 A1509670 L1317927 S1560533 AUI 4841 DCSA 0 epoprostenol 1.5 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0776477 A1997421 L1832717 S2141751 AUI 5364 DCSA 0 amphotericin B cholesteryl sulfate 100 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0974619 A1527511 L1333615 S1577275 AUI 5432 DCSA 0 aspirin 81 mg oral enteric coated tablet
C0974168 A1525496 L1331922 S1575433 AUI 5518 DCSA 0 alprostadil 500 mcg transurethral suppository
C0980466 A1889526 L1715982 S1955123 AUI 6930 DCSA 0 tacrolimus 0.5 mg oral capsule
C0688143 A1522146 L1329013 S1572348 AUI 761 DCSA 0 carisoprodol 350 mg oral tablet
C0973731 A1997393 L1832896 S2141729 AUI 8224 DCSA 0 abacavir/lamivudine/zidovudine 300 mg-150 mg-300 mg oral tablet
C0688319 A1520206 L1327420 S1570637 AUI 985 DCSA 0 chlorzoxazone 250 mg oral tablet
C0707209 A1515039 L1322820 S1565765 AUI 1532 DCSA 0 Isovue-128, 26% injectable solution
C0707359 A1508429 L1316886 S1559444 AUI 1640 DCSA 0 Dermtex HC, 0.5% topical lotion
C0701713 A1507177 L1315672 S1558159 AUI 1659 DCSA 0 Locoid, butyrate 0.1% topical ointment
C0356884 A1516987 L1324532 S1567548 AUI 2214 DCSA 0 Methotrexate Sodium, 2.5 mg oral tablet


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C0689552 A1507818 L1316283 S1558796 AUI 1027 DDF tablet deserpidine-methyclothiazide 0.25 mg-5 mg oral tablet
C0542683 A1510263 L1318455 S1561093 AUI 1365 DDF solution epinephrine ophthalmic 1% ophthalmic solution
C0702650 A1520893 L1327929 S1571173 AUI 1623 DDF powder for injection leuprolide 3.75 mg intramuscular powder for injection
C0976824 A1523288 L1329976 S1573366 AUI 1982 DDF tablet etidronate 400 mg oral tablet
C0689303 A1518720 L1326100 S1569220 AUI 2140 DDF tablet ketoconazole 200 mg oral tablet
C0979501 A1525010 L1331484 S1574954 AUI 2729 DDF tablet, chewable phenytoin 50 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0688627 A1527720 L1333753 S1577416 AUI 3117 DDF tablet diltiazem 90 mg oral tablet
C0980988 A1521083 L1328067 S1571326 AUI 3695 DDF ointment vidarabine ophthalmic 3% ophthalmic ointment
C0975793 A1510118 L1318315 S1560945 AUI 5037 DDF shampoo coal tar topical 1% topical shampoo
C0978958 A1514949 L1322745 S1565681 AUI 5307 DDF capsule, extended release niacin 125 mg oral capsule, extended release
C0777683 A1506729 L1315222 S1557699 AUI 707 DDF lotion betamethasone topical dipropionate 0.05% topical lotion
C0973882 A1518490 L1325896 S1568996 AUI 817 DDF capsule albuterol 200 mcg inhalation capsule
C0974803 A1506662 L1315159 S1557632 AUI 818 DDF spray beclomethasone nasal 0.042 mg/inh nasal spray
C0706781 A1524440 L1330944 S1574379 AUI 1336 DDF tablet Glucotrol, 5 mg oral tablet
C0874673 A1888069 L1716561 S1952130 AUI 208 DDF cream with applicator Proctosol-HC, 2.5% rectal cream with applicator
C0977503 A1524733 L1331216 S1574668 AUI 2892 DDF capsule Hydra-Zide, 50 mg-50 mg oral capsule
C0703457 A1510238 L1318433 S1561068 AUI 2909 DDF tablet Diethylstilbestrol, 1 mg oral tablet
C1586880 A1521123 L1328095 S1571356 AUI 316 DDF tablet Entuss-D, 300 mg-5 mg-30 mg oral tablet
C0980709 A1526495 L1332795 S1576385 AUI 3310 DDF tablet Thyroid, 60 mg oral tablet


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C0688689 A1516845 L1324395 S1567399 AUI 1175 DDFA CAP dronabinol 2.5 mg oral capsule
C0978907 A1525779 L1332168 S1575710 AUI 2250 DDFA ECT naproxen 500 mg oral enteric coated tablet
C0982825 A1513059 L1321077 S1563874 AUI 2539 DDFA CAP pentobarbital 100 mg oral capsule
C0977563 A1523809 L1330371 S1573773 AUI 397 DDFA TAB aspirin-hydrocodone 500 mg-5 mg oral tablet
C0704076 A1528416 L1334185 S1577902 AUI 3985 DDFA SOLN citric acid/gluconodelta-lactone/Mg carbonate irrigation solution
C0691439 A1521669 L1328612 S1571908 AUI 4079 DDFA TAB ferrous sulfate 300 mg oral tablet
C0704376 A1528306 L1334123 S1577811 AUI 4508 DDFA SOLN aluminum acetate topical topical solution
C0704461 A1524569 L1331068 S1574512 AUI 4635 DDFA KIT pramoxine topical 5% topical kit
C0704565 A1508975 L1317404 S1559995 AUI 4839 DDFA SOLN epinephrine topical 1:100 topical solution
C0354046 A1520180 L1327398 S1570611 AUI 6626 DDFA CAP ursodiol 250 mg oral capsule
C0982589 A2606449 L2488740 S2943584 AUI 8622 DDFA SUSP barium sulfate 1.5% oral suspension
C0706643 A1522969 L1329665 S1573034 AUI 1249 DDFA TAB Lo-Aqua, 40 mg oral tablet
C0981463 A4368806 L1327344 S4040080 AUI 1269 DDFA CAP Ganciclovir, 250 mg oral capsule
C0706695 A1519906 L1327147 S1570335 AUI 1289 DDFA TC Augmentin, 250 mg-62.5 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0706996 A1523191 L1329884 S1573265 AUI 1457 DDFA ERC Vanex-LA, 400 mg-75 mg oral capsule, extended release
C0994363 A1506470 L1314967 S1557437 AUI 160 DDFA TAB Genora 0.5/35, 35 mcg-0.5 mg oral tablet
C0360713 A1518210 L1325627 S1568713 AUI 1749 DDFA SOLN Osmitrol, 20% intravenous solution
C0708081 A1518509 L1325912 S1569013 AUI 2065 DDFA TAB Arthritis Foundation IB, 200 mg oral tablet
C1329286 A4368529 L3503559 S4039803 AUI 2198 DDFA TAB Ed Cyte F, 324 mg-1 mg oral tablet


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C0977604 A1507096 L1315593 S1558079 AUI 1690 DRT ophthalmic hydrocortisone-oxytetracycline ophthalmic 1.5%-0.5% ophthalmic suspension
C0590311 A1507312 L1315795 S1558289 AUI 199 DRT topical mometasone topical 0.1% topical ointment
C0690121 A4369920 L1320234 S4041192 AUI 215 DRT oral predniSONE 10 mg oral tablet
C0690587 A1513722 L1321661 S1564545 AUI 2813 DRT oral tiopronin 100 mg oral tablet
C0690210 A1512147 L1320240 S1562963 AUI 2819 DRT oral protriptyline 10 mg oral tablet
C0976362 A1519592 L1326847 S1570012 AUI 2841 DRT oral didanosine 25 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0977347 A1510402 L1318588 S1561235 AUI 4329 DRT topical haloprogin topical 1% topical solution
C0704362 A1514241 L1322096 S1564999 AUI 4489 DRT oral APAP/chlorpheniramine/dextromethorphan/PPA 500 mg-2 mg-15 mg-12.5 mg oral tablet
C0874243 A1889318 L1718098 S1954625 AUI 4675 DRT oral multivitamin Lipotropic with Multivitamins oral tablet
C1623062 A1524021 L1330571 S1573980 AUI 6179 DRT otic glycerin otic 5%-95% otic solution
C0705745 A1507086 L1315583 S1558069 AUI 6587 DRT rectal phenylephrine-pramoxine topical 0.25%-1% rectal ointment
C0994840 A2604793 L2489418 S2942169 AUI 8666 DRT intraperitoneal LVP solution Dextrose 3.5% with Electrolytes (Dianeal PD-2) intraperitoneal solution
C1329059 A4368992 L3503872 S4040266 AUI 9008 DRT oral hydrochlorothiazide-olmesartan 12.5 mg-40 mg oral tablet
C0688950 A1527391 L1333523 S1577172 AUI 1251 DRT oral Furosemide, 80 mg oral tablet
C1590998 A1886766 L1715858 S1949198 AUI 1470 DRT topical Clobetasol Propionate Emollient, 0.05% topical cream
C0707122 A1514640 L1322455 S1565372 AUI 1501 DRT oral Tuss-LA, 500 mg-120 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0688391 A1525655 L1332053 S1575586 AUI 1543 DRT oral Cloxacillin Sodium, 500 mg oral capsule
C0707465 A1508864 L1317288 S1559877 AUI 167 DRT oral Nelova 1/35, 35 mcg-1 mg oral tablet
C0707670 A1510000 L1318203 S1560821 AUI 1772 DRT injectable L-Caine, 1% injectable solution


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C0978358 A1516984 L1324529 S1567545 AUI 1799 DRTA PO mecamylamine 2.5 mg oral tablet
C0978364 A1519794 L1327039 S1570219 AUI 1822 DRTA PO meclizine 25 mg oral tablet
C0978230 A1507980 L1316458 S1558983 AUI 210 DRTA PO ethinyl estradiol-norgestrel 30 mcg-0.3 mg oral tablet
C0689706 A1518252 L1325665 S1568753 AUI 2123 DRTA PO nadolol 20 mg oral tablet
C0688874 A1513476 L1321432 S1564294 AUI 2278 DRTA PO fluconazole 100 mg oral tablet
C0689956 A1516008 L1323709 S1566691 AUI 2678 DRTA PO phenobarbital 16 mg oral tablet
C0689763 A1519102 L1326401 S1569539 AUI 2716 DRTA TD nicotine 7 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
C0974518 A1509374 L1317700 S1560294 AUI 4440 DRTA PO APAP/pseudoephedrine/triprolidine 500 mg-30 mg-1.25 mg oral tablet
C0976203 A1516894 L1324446 S1567454 AUI 4473 DRTA PO dextromethorphan 2.5 mg oral lozenge
C0713022 A1526885 L1333102 S1576718 AUI 4714 DRTA PO ipecac 7% oral syrup
C0874264 A1889358 L1717265 S1954665 AUI 5249 DRTA PO multivitamin with iron Vitamin B Complex with C, Folic Acid and Iron oral tablet
C0874287 A1889323 L1717734 S1954630 AUI 5557 DRTA PO multivitamin Multiple Vitamins oral tablet, chewable
C0780629 A1515612 L1323324 S1566290 AUI 5982 DRTA PO pseudoephedrine 15 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0705865 A1512065 L1320160 S1562878 AUI 6739 DRTA PO leflunomide 10 mg oral tablet
C0688387 A1889066 L1716179 S1953999 AUI 6950 DRTA TOP clotrimazole topical 1% topical lotion
C0979489 A2606914 L2488579 S2944030 AUI 8385 DRTA REC phenylephrine topical 0.25% rectal suppository
C0692872 A2606722 L2283321 S2943844 AUI 8799 DRTA PO glucosamine 500 mg oral capsule
C1329065 A4369114 L3505449 S4040388 AUI 9019 DRTA IV intravenous electrolyte solution (TPN Electrolytes III) intravenous solution
C1329125 A4368247 L3504743 S4039522 AUI 9130 DRTA IV daptomycin 500 mg intravenous powder for injection


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C0976554 A1518641 L1326031 S1569145 AUI 1158 DST 200 mg doxycycline 200 mg injectable powder for injection
C0976563 A1510253 L1318446 S1561083 AUI 1196 DST 1% dyclonine topical 1% topical solution
C0688782 A1517451 L1324932 S1567982 AUI 1608 DST 2 mg estazolam 2 mg oral tablet
C0689568 A1512106 L1320202 S1562920 AUI 2293 DST 10 mg methylphenidate 10 mg oral tablet
C0690273 A1524187 L1330722 S1574141 AUI 2473 DST 5 mg ramipril 5 mg oral capsule
C0690193 A1518267 L1325679 S1568768 AUI 2794 DST 20 mg propranolol 20 mg oral tablet
C0980742 A1508074 L1316548 S1559078 AUI 2822 DST 0.3% tobramycin ophthalmic 0.3% ophthalmic ointment
C0690039 A1517665 L1325121 S1568182 AUI 3413 DST 2 mg polythiazide 2 mg oral tablet
C0356684 A1511847 L1319953 S1562658 AUI 4768 DST 10% povidone iodine topical 10% vaginal gel
C0775768 A1510596 L1318769 S1561430 AUI 5329 DST 1% phenylephrine nasal 1% nasal solution
C0973887 A1506704 L1315197 S1557674 AUI 842 DST 0.05% alclometasone topical 0.05% topical cream
C0693979 A1518576 L1325972 S1569079 AUI 8609 DST 200 mg saquinavir 200 mg oral capsule
C0688393 A1519612 L1326863 S1570032 AUI 1545 DST 25 mg Clozapine, 25 mg oral tablet
C0709273 A1526453 L1332760 S1576346 AUI 2826 DST 60 mg Q-Fed, 60 mg oral tablet
C0709397 A1525190 L1331648 S1575133 AUI 2913 DST 50 mg HydroDIURIL, 50 mg oral tablet
C0709511 A1525504 L1331930 S1575441 AUI 2965 DST 500 mg Amigesic, 500 mg oral tablet
C0788743 A2604123 L2489636 S2941597 AUI 3110 DST 300 mg/24 hours Diltiazem Hydrochloride XT, 300 mg/24 hours oral capsule, extended release
C0690432 A1515889 L1323602 S1566578 AUI 3259 DST 150 mg Sulindac, 150 mg oral tablet
C0710137 A1516215 L1323878 S1566866 AUI 3315 DST 180 mg Armour Thyroid, 180 mg oral tablet


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C0724926 A9427157 L1321936 S1564836 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Accu-Pro Set 104"
C0724943 A9427552 L1322896 S1565843 AUI NOCODE TYPE ostomy supplies Active Life 13mm
C0724967 A9427310 L1322196 S1565101 AUI NOCODE TYPE ostomy supplies Active Life Pouch 35mm 12"
C0725002 A9431137 L1333679 S1577341 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Add-On Set 89"
C0725045 A9431373 L1334387 S1578130 AUI NOCODE TYPE bandages Adhesive Remover Spray
C0725096 A9425348 L1317530 S1560121 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Allergist Syringe 27g 1/2"
C1658310 A9452279 L5862253 S6718302 AUI NOCODE TYPE ostomy supplies Assura Closed Pouch Two Piece
C1330650 A9436988 L3503844 S4041981 AUI NOCODE TYPE medical supplies Bag Econ-Zip 2m, 10x13
C1330672 A9437006 L3504369 S4042003 AUI NOCODE TYPE medical supplies Bag Econ-Zip with White Block 2m, 6x9
C0725435 A9432091 L1336674 S1580699 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Burette Set Non-Vented
C0725492 A9430921 L1333068 S1576683 AUI NOCODE TYPE orthopedic devices Cane Wood Deluxe 7/8"
C1648695 A9453454 L5856068 S6719457 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Capsule Size 0 Clear-Clear
C0725577 A9432233 L1337279 S1581398 AUI NOCODE TYPE orthopedic devices Cervical Collar Plus Chin Small
C1660019 A9453792 L5863071 S6719790 AUI NOCODE TYPE medical supplies Chemotherapy Transfer Pin
C1649562 A9437762 L5862971 S6704024 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Cobalt Carbonate
C1572138 A9432454 L1338102 S1582331 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Container Empty Flexible
C0183754 A9424235 L0221634 S0291792 AUI NOCODE TYPE medical supplies Cotton Swabs
C0725827 A9430813 L1332606 S1576186 AUI NOCODE TYPE wound care supplies Dermacol 6" x 7"
C0725895 A9432248 L1337318 S1581441 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Dual Chamber Gravity


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C0980321 A1511949 L1320049 S1562760 AUI 2805 DHJC J2940 somatrem 10 mg injectable powder for injection
C0707293 A1507664 L1316137 S1558647 AUI 1600 DHJC J7648 Arm-A-Med Isoetharine HCl, 0.2% inhalation solution
C0938880 A1995923 L1833273 S2140595 AUI 5365 DHJC J0288 Amphotec, 50 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0716114 A4369547 L3504673 S4040820 AUI 6498 DHJC J2355 Neumega, 5 mg subcutaneous powder for injection
C0716285 A1517587 L1325054 S1568111 AUI 660 DHJC J2400 Nesacaine, 2% injectable solution
C0717145 A1519225 L1326504 S1569643 AUI 8 DHJC P9047 Albuminar-25, 25% intravenous solution
C0355423 A1527302 L1333445 S1577088 AUI 2341 DHJC Q0179 Zofran, 8 mg oral tablet
C0709158 A1514478 L1322315 S1565224 AUI 2730 DHJC Q0169 Phenergan, 12.5 mg oral tablet
C0710303 A1519547 L1326807 S1569966 AUI 3404 DHJC Q0163 Genahist, 25 mg oral capsule
C0710386 A1519448 L1326716 S1569869 AUI 3422 DHJC Q0163 Aid to Sleep, 25 mg oral tablet
C0710401 A1519523 L1326783 S1569942 AUI 3422 DHJC Q0163 Nytol Caplet, 25 mg oral tablet
C0710480 A1525935 L1332320 S1575872 AUI 3464 DHJC J1190 Zinecard, 500 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0710561 A1519986 L1327222 S1570417 AUI 347 DHJC J1720 A-Hydrocort, 250 mg injectable powder for injection
C1169558 A2606377 L2489954 S2943515 AUI 8240 DHJC J3487 Zometa, 4 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0708065 A1512102 L1320198 S1562916 AUI 2052 DHJC S0109 Methadose, 10 mg oral tablet
C0774535 A1524326 L1330848 S1574271 AUI 3474 DHJC S0160 dextroamphetamine 5 mg oral tablet
C0981224 A2606403 L2490137 S2943539 AUI 774 DHJC J0133 acyclovir 500 mg intravenous powder for injection
C1329857 A4368214 L3504741 S4039489 AUI 9130 DHJC J0878 Cubicin, 500 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0708833 A9452310 L2488609 S6718333 AUI 8762 DHJC J2275 Astramorph PF, 0.5 mg/mL preservative-free injectable solution


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C0717310 A1530267 L1335220 S1579096 AUI d03425 DPC C APAP/butalbital/caffeine/codeine
C0013030 A4371226 L0013030 S4042497 AUI d00216 DPC C DOPamine
C0717365 A1528269 L1334093 S1577779 AUI d03378 DPC N acetaminophen-dextromethorphan
C0717381 A1528372 L1334154 S1577866 AUI d01188 DPC N acetylcholine ophthalmic
C0717417 A1529830 L1334962 S1578789 AUI d00481 DPC N ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate
C0003765 A0473917 L0003765 S0415088 AUI d00578 DPC B arginine
C0717441 A1530634 L1335457 S1579344 AUI d03458 DPC C aspirin-butalbital
C0286651 A0593148 L0373976 S0519043 AUI d04105 DPC X atorvastatin
C0717455 A1530837 L1335569 S1579471 AUI d04020 DPC C atropine-edrophonium
C0875909 A1888996 L1717426 S1953815 AUI d04541 DPC C azelastine ophthalmic
C0717491 A1531818 L1336158 S1580116 AUI d04183 DPC N benzocaine-chloroxylenol topical
C0717496 A1531823 L1336163 S1580121 AUI d03691 DPC N benzocaine/phenol/povidone iodine topical
C0005578 A1532036 L0005578 S1580285 AUI d00972 DPC C biperiden
C0006405 A0475155 L0006405 S0415970 AUI d00840 DPC C buprenorphine
C0717543 A1533037 L1336855 S1580896 AUI d04290 DPC C calcium carbonate-magnesium hydroxide
C0006700 A1533069 L0006700 S1580926 AUI d04200 DPC C calcium glycerophosphate
C0007257 A0475482 L0007257 S0416207 AUI d01342 DPC D carmustine
C0717566 A1533545 L1337175 S1581253 AUI d03502 DPC C cascara sagrada-phenolphthalein
C0717581 A1534131 L1337521 S1581681 AUI d01266 DPC C chloroxine topical


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C1962129 A13031861 L6741965 S7860387 AUI 783 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Adenocard, 3 mg/mL intravenous solution_#2
C1965695 A9452853 L5861247 S6718869 AUI 2487 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Base Bicillin L-A, G benzathine 600000 units/mL intramuscular suspension
C1965682 A13088152 L6777936 S7906375 AUI 2487 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Bicillin L-A, G benzathine 600000 units/mL intramuscular suspension_#1
C0707468 A1508866 L1317290 S1559879 AUI 167 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Base Ortho-Novum 1/35, 35 mcg-1 mg oral tablet
C1966838 A1995878 L1833267 S2140561 AUI 7830 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Base Advair Diskus, 500 mcg-50 mcg inhalation powder
C1963601 A1508745 L1317188 S1559772 AUI 223 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Base Intal Inhaler, 0.8 mg/inh inhalation aerosol with adapter
C1965900 A13268387 L6872206 S7998776 AUI 7824 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Advair Diskus, 100 mcg-50 mcg inhalation powder_#1
C1965903 A13275093 L6872844 S7998782 AUI 7830 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Advair Diskus, 500 mcg-50 mcg inhalation powder_#2
C0697412 A13270243 L6870535 S7999918 AUI 814 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Ventolin, 90 mcg/inh inhalation aerosol_#1
C1966261 A13276644 L6869883 S7999342 AUI 16368 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Symbicort, 160 mcg-4.5 mcg/inh inhalation aerosol with adapter_#1
C1131240 A13275430 L6872836 S7998721 AUI 783 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Adenosine, 3 mg/mL intravenous solution_#1
C1814216 A13272237 L6869112 S7997134 AUI 14941 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Lidocaine Hydrochloride, Injectable, 1% preservative-free injectable solution_#1
C1815763 A13270842 L6870891 S7997439 AUI 2377 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Metoclopramide Hydrochloride, 5 mg/mL injectable solution_#1
C0307141 A13275804 L6869168 S7997885 AUI 167 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Ortho-Novum 1/35, 35 mcg-1 mg oral tablet_#1
C0307142 A13280606 L6870931 S7997890 AUI 2004 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Ortho-Novum 1/50, 0.05 mg-1 mg oral tablet_#2
C0305490 A13349689 L6919158 S8056365 AUI 160 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Brevicon, 35 mcg-0.5 mg oral tablet_#1
C2003909 A1506471 L1314968 S1557438 AUI 160 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Base Necon 0.5/35, 35 mcg-0.5 mg oral tablet
C1999247 A1508863 L1317287 S1559876 AUI 167 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Base Necon 1/35, 35 mcg-1 mg oral tablet
C1608284 A13350680 L6920726 S8054949 AUI 160 AMBIGUITY_FLAG Duplicate Modicon, 35 mcg-0.5 mg oral tablet_#2

Last Reviewed: June 4, 2010