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2011AB Multum Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
NDC National Drug Code corresponding to a clinical drug (e.g. 000023082503) 153198
DCSA Controlled Substance Act designation code (e.g. 0,2,3n) 34750
DDF Drug Doseform (e.g. chewable tablet) 34750
DDFA Drug Doseform Abbreviation (e.g. SOLN) 34750
DRT Drug Route of Administration (e.g. Injection (systemic) ) 34750
DRTA Drug Route of Administration Abbreviation (e.g. INJ) 34750
DST Drug Strength (e.g. 0.01%, 0.02 MG, 0.02 MG/ML) 34750
TYPE Multum Medical Supply Category (e.g. natural supplements) 9547
DHJC Multum HCPCS J-code Multum clinical drugs linked to HCPCS J-codes where applicable (e.g. J7507) 4733
DPC Multum Pregnancy Hazard Classification Code assigned to Multum clinical drugs. (e.g. X, D) 2941


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0593904 A1518228 L1325644 S1568731 AUI 5363 NDC 54569446700 Lipitor, 20 mg oral tablet
C0687872 A1515746 L1323455 S1566426 AUI 562 NDC 00603221721 Amitriptyline Hydrochloride, 150 mg oral tablet
C0688562 A1524367 L1330882 S1574307 AUI 2615 NDC 58016027510 Diazepam, 5 mg oral tablet
C1815883 A1522246 L1329090 S1572427 AUI 1537 NDC 00270131644 Isovue-370, 76% injectable solution
C0712055 A1509979 L1318183 S1560800 AUI 4144 NDC 00074660610 Selsun Blue, 1% topical shampoo
C0712241 A1511867 L1319969 S1562677 AUI 4221 NDC 00135009965 Glyoxide, 10% topical liquid
C0976982 A2604407 L1904274 S2941838 AUI 1084 NDC 58016090560 Fluoxetine Hydrochloride, 20 mg oral capsule
C0977745 A1996471 L1833369 S2141021 AUI 2129 NDC 55289046930 Indomethacin SR, 75 mg oral capsule, extended release
C1584930 A1517677 L1325133 S1568194 AUI 3618 NDC 51672402801 Warfarin Sodium, 2 mg oral tablet
C1329712 A4368811 L3503923 S4040085 AUI 8964 NDC 00067013208 Gas-X with Maalox Extra Strength, 500 mg-125 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0688333 A1523260 L1329955 S1573341 AUI 280 NDC 58016069600 Cimetidine, 400 mg oral tablet
C1660089 A9453352 L5862101 S6719355 AUI 15267 NDC 17317151101 Calcium Chloride Anhydrous, compounding powder
C1950820 A9441112 L2488605 S6707305 AUI 3264 NDC 00173047900 Imitrex Statdose, 6 mg/0.5 mL subcutaneous kit
C0307155 A9443888 L5859279 S6710040 AUI 7070 NDC 00766165460 Os-Cal 500 with D, 500 mg-200 intl units oral tablet
C0704199 A9446324 L5862544 S6712413 AUI 4200 NDC 62991138102 Sodium Benzoate, compounding powder
C1648643 A9448260 L5862410 S6714300 AUI 4072 NDC 49452627001 Vitamin B2, compounding powder
C0773522 A9448315 L5860492 S6714355 AUI 4290 NDC 54022101601 Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols 400 intl units oral capsule
C1585914 A9448348 L5857039 S6714388 AUI 12635 NDC 66582031131 Vytorin, 10 mg-10 mg oral tablet
C0301243 A1539841 L1340686 S1585219 AUI 6282 NDC 00436047728 Green Soap, topical liquid


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C0781942 A1506685 L1315180 S1557655 AUI 10 DCSA 0 estradiol topical 0.05 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
C0977262 A1510395 L1318582 S1561227 AUI 1456 DCSA 0 granisetron 1 mg oral tablet
C0689339 A1525682 L1332079 S1575614 AUI 1678 DCSA 0 levodopa 500 mg oral capsule
C0978002 A1523015 L1329711 S1573083 AUI 2030 DCSA 0 isosorbide dinitrate 40 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0704043 A1514511 L1322350 S1565263 AUI 3927 DCSA 0 pseudoephedrine-triprolidine 75 mg-12 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0691233 A1518519 L1325921 S1569023 AUI 3969 DCSA 0 caffeine 200 mg oral tablet
C0691431 A1521871 L1328773 S1572085 AUI 4391 DCSA 0 ferrous gluconate 324 mg oral tablet
C0975194 A1526662 L1332948 S1576546 AUI 4426 DCSA 0 polycarbophil 625 mg oral tablet
C0977328 A1527459 L1333577 S1577231 AUI 5115 DCSA 0 guaifenesin 800 mg oral tablet, extended release
C1615233 A1511802 L1319913 S1562615 AUI 5317 DCSA 2 oxycodone 10 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0789983 A1509808 L1318037 S1560647 AUI 6372 DCSA 0 calamine-pramoxine topical 8%-1% topical cream
C0980021 A1889489 L1717102 S1955028 AUI 7234 DCSA 0 rivastigmine 6 mg oral capsule
C0692180 A1513006 L1321026 S1563820 AUI 1149 DCSA 0 Doxycycline Hyclate, hyclate 100 mg oral capsule
C0707254 A1518083 L1325509 S1568587 AUI 157 DCSA 0 Drysol, 20% topical solution
C0874721 A1888300 L1716715 S1952573 AUI 2827 DCSA 0 Sotalol Hydrochloride, 240 mg oral tablet
C0709500 A1526363 L1332673 S1576256 AUI 2954 DCSA 0 Pilostat, 6% ophthalmic solution
C0709625 A1540684 L1341098 S1585782 AUI 3042 DCSA 3 Ru-Tuss with Hydrocodone, oral liquid
C0980196 A1508760 L1317204 S1559789 AUI 3180 DCSA 0 Broncho Saline, 0.9% inhalation solution
C0690675 A1516046 L1323741 S1566725 AUI 3242 DCSA 0 Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim DS, 800 mg-160 mg oral tablet


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C0688686 A1513415 L1321374 S1564232 AUI 1161 DDF tablet doxycycline hyclate 100 mg oral tablet
C0977343 A1508486 L1316939 S1559507 AUI 136 DDF tablet haloperidol 0.5 mg oral tablet
C0978698 A1513677 L1321622 S1564500 AUI 175 DDF tablet molindone 100 mg oral tablet
C0978699 A1512118 L1320213 S1562933 AUI 176 DDF tablet molindone 10 mg oral tablet
C0689548 A1521619 L1328568 S1571857 AUI 2246 DDF capsule methsuximide 300 mg oral capsule
C0689577 A4369434 L1333437 S4040707 AUI 2302 DDF tablet methylPREDNISolone 8 mg oral tablet
C0981770 A1525934 L1332319 S1575871 AUI 3179 DDF powder for injection thiopental 500 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0976187 A1515373 L1323097 S1566050 AUI 3477 DDF capsule, extended release dextromethorphan-guaifenesin 15 mg-300 mg oral capsule, extended release
C0974836 A1514320 L1322175 S1565080 AUI 3560 DDF tablet benazepril-hydrochlorothiazide 20 mg-12.5 mg oral tablet
C0704078 A1528415 L1334184 S1577901 AUI 3989 DDF powder for reconstitution citric acid/gluconodelta-lactone/Mg carbonate irrigation powder for reconstitution
C0704164 A1543685 L1342862 S1587811 AUI 4140 DDF swab saliva substitutes oral swab
C0980141 A4370142 L3504788 S4041414 AUI 4146 DDF tablet senna 8.6 mg oral tablet
C0975226 A1513087 L1321104 S1563902 AUI 467 DDF tablet captopril 100 mg oral tablet
C0976393 A1524371 L1330884 S1574311 AUI 4910 DDF solution dihydroxyacetone topical 5% topical solution
C0692839 A1513091 L1321107 S1563907 AUI 5065 DDF tablet, extended release carbamazepine 100 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0975419 A1525731 L1332125 S1575663 AUI 554 DDF tablet cefuroxime 500 mg oral tablet
C1168632 A1523311 L1329996 S1573389 AUI 5582 DDF tablet indinavir 400 mg oral tablet
C0705100 A1516591 L1324164 S1567160 AUI 5673 DDF kit parenteral nutrition solution Amino Acids 2.75% with 25% Dextrose (Travasol) intravenous kit
C0694369 A1521615 L1328564 S1571853 AUI 6614 DDF capsule hydroxyurea 300 mg oral capsule


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C0702281 A1514492 L1322329 S1565241 AUI 1015 DDFA ERT brompheniramine-phenylpropanolamine 12 mg-75 mg oral tablet, extended release
C1591344 A1515923 L1323637 S1566615 AUI 3716 DDFA TAB potassium phosphate-sodium phosphate 155 mg-350 mg oral tablet
C0689665 A1515679 L1323390 S1566358 AUI 418 DDFA TAB morphine 15 mg oral tablet
C1968466 A1517294 L1324798 S1567831 AUI 4206 DDFA SOLN sodium chloride, hypertonic, ophthalmic 2% ophthalmic solution
C0692330 A1507844 L1316316 S1558832 AUI 4998 DDFA CREA capsaicin topical 0.25% topical cream
C0785877 A1507360 L1315836 S1558333 AUI 5194 DDFA SOLN LVP solution Dextrose 10% with 0.2% NaCl intravenous solution
C0874304 A1889338 L1717470 S1954645 AUI 5985 DDFA ERT multivitamin Vitamin B Complex with C oral tablet, extended release
C0690044 A1524782 L1331267 S1574722 AUI 6005 DDFA TAB potassium citrate-sodium citrate 50 mg-950 mg oral tablet
C0705609 A1542179 L1341972 S1586763 AUI 6373 DDFA LOT pramoxine topical topical lotion
C0694210 A1508553 L1317004 S1559576 AUI 6561 DDFA TAB repaglinide 0.5 mg oral tablet
C0781282 A1889142 L1715796 S1954157 AUI 6986 DDFA TERF estradiol-norethindrone 0.05 mg-0.25 mg/24 hours transdermal film, extended release
C0980021 A1889489 L1717102 S1955028 AUI 7234 DDFA CAP rivastigmine 6 mg oral capsule
C0872570 A2607002 L2489639 S2944106 AUI 8577 DDFA ERC theophylline 300 mg/24 hours oral capsule, extended release
C1877900 A4369758 L3504858 S4041030 AUI 9251 DDFA SOLN parenteral nutrition solution Amino Acids 8% (Hepatasol) intravenous solution
C0874614 A4370257 L3503426 S4041529 AUI 1060 DDFA SPR Stimate, 0.15 mg/inh nasal spray
C0707269 A1517438 L1324924 S1567969 AUI 1585 DDFA SOLN Eryderm, 2% topical solution
C0981555 A2604839 L1320170 S2942209 AUI 1949 DDFA TAB Lisinopril, 10 mg oral tablet
C0709282 A1514656 L1322470 S1565388 AUI 2832 DDFA ERT Seldane-D, 120 mg-60 mg oral tablet, extended release
C0354252 A1518577 L1325973 S1569080 AUI 29 DDFA CAP Sectral, 200 mg oral capsule


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C0688698 A1523277 L1329968 S1573356 AUI 1222 DRT oral dyphylline 400 mg oral tablet
C0981533 A1518551 L1325949 S1569055 AUI 2157 DRT oral ketoprofen 200 mg oral capsule, extended release
C0978902 A1506390 L1314878 S1557348 AUI 2241 DRT ophthalmic naphazoline-pheniramine ophthalmic 0.025%-0.3% ophthalmic solution
C0690289 A1515798 L1323510 S1566484 AUI 2516 DRT oral rifabutin 150 mg oral capsule
C0690247 A1526020 L1332399 S1575961 AUI 2833 DRT oral pyrazinamide 500 mg oral tablet
C0975120 A1507843 L1316314 S1558830 AUI 3550 DRT oral calcitriol 0.25 mcg oral capsule
C0692490 A1516137 L1323812 S1566800 AUI 4120 DRT topical salicylic acid topical 17.6% topical liquid
C0981180 A1518999 L1326330 S1569464 AUI 5136 DRT oral zinc sulfate 220 mg oral capsule
C0981259 A1512739 L1320790 S1563547 AUI 5461 DRT oral ascorbic acid 100 mg oral tablet, chewable
C0705517 A1509842 L1318065 S1560677 AUI 6252 DRT topical salicylic acid topical 1% topical soap
C1329018 A4369625 L3504949 S4040897 AUI 8929 DRT subcutaneous anthrax vaccine adsorbed subcutaneous suspension
C1329046 A4368300 L3504657 S4039574 AUI 8985 DRT oral desloratadine 5 mg oral tablet, disintegrating
C1329065 A4369114 L3505449 S4040388 AUI 9019 DRT intravenous intravenous electrolyte solution (TPN Electrolytes III) intravenous solution
C0874614 A4370257 L3503426 S4041529 AUI 1060 DRT nasal Stimate, 0.15 mg/inh nasal spray
C0706483 A1524630 L1331125 S1574572 AUI 1143 DRT oral Permitil, 5 mg oral tablet
C0698465 A1513678 L1321623 S1564501 AUI 122 DRT oral Myambutol, 100 mg oral tablet
C0689292 A1518159 L1325573 S1568655 AUI 2079 DRT oral Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride, 20 mg oral tablet
C0709388 A1519679 L1326927 S1570100 AUI 2912 DRT oral Esidrix, 25 mg oral tablet
C0709849 A1506766 L1315260 S1557737 AUI 3150 DRT topical Lidex-E, 0.05% topical cream


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C0976551 A4368448 L3503701 S4039722 AUI 1123 DRTA IV DOXOrubicin 10 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0690510 A1516208 L1323871 S1566859 AUI 1627 DRTA PO guaifenesin-theophylline 180 mg-300 mg oral capsule
C0590312 A1507304 L1315788 S1558281 AUI 198 DRTA TOP mometasone topical 0.1% topical lotion
C0978533 A1525418 L1331850 S1575353 AUI 2168 DRTA PO methenamine-sodium acid phosphate 500 mg-500 mg oral tablet
C0689947 A1527807 L1333827 S1577491 AUI 2585 DRTA PO phenazopyridine 95 mg oral tablet
C0692430 A1524890 L1331370 S1574833 AUI 3870 DRTA PO bicalutamide 50 mg oral tablet
C0976507 A1519160 L1326448 S1569586 AUI 4163 DRTA PO docusate potassium 240 mg oral capsule
C0789915 A1506902 L1315395 S1557876 AUI 5108 DRTA TD estradiol topical 0.075 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
C0691638 A1525320 L1331769 S1575267 AUI 5309 DRTA PO niacin 50 mg oral tablet
C0980262 A1510290 L1318479 S1561121 AUI 5411 DRTA PO fluoride 1 mg oral tablet
C0874316 A1889353 L1717213 S1954660 AUI 6147 DRTA PO multivitamin with iron Vitamin A, D and C with Iron oral liquid
C0874379 A1889178 L1716054 S1954208 AUI 6937 DRTA TOP fluoride topical 1.1% topical paste
C0976204 A1997518 L1833135 S2141839 AUI 8294 DRTA PO dextromethorphan 30 mg oral capsule
C1171232 A2606511 L2490639 S2943646 AUI 8456 DRTA PO cetylpyridinium topical oral lozenge
C0976993 A1506642 L1315139 S1557612 AUI 1174 DRTA OPH Flurbiprofen Sodium, Ophthalmic, 0.03% ophthalmic solution
C0706800 A4368804 L3504604 S4040078 AUI 1348 DRTA IV Gamimune N 5%, 5% intravenous solution
C0706895 A1519887 L1327127 S1570314 AUI 1400 DRTA PO Grisactin 250, microcrystalline 250 mg oral capsule
C0707378 A1523964 L1330519 S1573927 AUI 164 DRTA PO Univasc, 7.5 mg oral tablet
C0689561 A1521233 L1328202 S1571467 AUI 2947 DRTA PO Hydrochlorothiazide-Methyldopa, 30 mg-500 mg oral tablet


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C0977188 A4371232 L1324482 S4042503 AUI 1374 DST 2.5 mg glyBURIDE 2.5 mg oral tablet
C0358142 A1517705 L1325160 S1568222 AUI 2111 DST 2% mupirocin topical 2% topical ointment
C0688879 A1520125 L1327343 S1570555 AUI 2291 DST 250 mg flucytosine 250 mg oral capsule
C0993191 A1520153 L1327371 S1570584 AUI 2416 DST 250 mg oxytetracycline 250 mg oral capsule
C0980462 A1518003 L1325434 S1568508 AUI 3267 DST 20 mg tacrine 20 mg oral capsule
C0979732 A1517255 L1324766 S1567797 AUI 3526 DST 2 mg prazosin 2 mg oral capsule
C0704225 A1510690 L1318851 S1561514 AUI 4238 DST 20 mg-10 mg-10 mg-45 mg carbetapentane/PE/PPA/K guaiacolsulfonate 20 mg-10 mg-10 mg-45 mg oral tablet
C0876522 A1889579 L1717208 S1955298 AUI 5947 DST with aloe vera vitamins A, D, and E topical with aloe vera topical cream
C0875561 A1525755 L1332147 S1575686 AUI 673 DST 500 mg chloroquine 500 mg oral tablet
C0794854 A1997423 L1833276 S2141753 AUI 6989 DST 50 mg amprenavir 50 mg oral capsule
C0939014 A1997731 L1832882 S2142042 AUI 7786 DST 15 mg thyroid desiccated 15 mg oral capsule
C0688463 A1520003 L1327233 S1570434 AUI 1004 DST 250 mg Dehydrocholic Acid, 250 mg oral tablet
C0706416 A1527097 L1333273 S1576898 AUI 1091 DST 75 mg Wellbutrin, 75 mg oral tablet
C0688484 A1506759 L1315252 S1557729 AUI 1092 DST 0.05% Desoximetasone, 0.05% topical cream
C0706631 A1520052 L1327274 S1570481 AUI 1239 DST 250 mg Biomox, 250 mg oral capsule
C0707258 A1517439 L1324925 S1567970 AUI 1580 DST 2% Erygel, 2% topical gel
C0689387 A1526556 L1332851 S1576445 AUI 1962 DST 600 mg Lithium Carbonate, 600 mg oral capsule
C0593505 A1518486 L1325892 S1568992 AUI 2065 DST 200 mg Advil, 200 mg oral tablet
C0352498 A1506637 L1315134 S1557607 AUI 3132 DST 0.025% Synalar, 0.025% topical ointment


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C0724978 A9431310 L1334296 S1578033 AUI NOCODE TYPE ostomy supplies Active Life Urostomy
C0017890 A9423980 L0002532 S0013116 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Aminoacetic Acid
C1656042 A9452304 L5862269 S6718327 AUI NOCODE TYPE blood glucose monitoring supplies Assure Control
C0725219 A9431649 L1335612 S1579520 AUI NOCODE TYPE blood glucose monitoring supplies Autolet Regular Platform
C1330647 A9452395 L5860755 S6718416 AUI NOCODE TYPE administration devices Automix Label 5"
C1330661 A9436998 L3504371 S4041992 AUI NOCODE TYPE medical supplies Bag Econ-Zip 2m, 7x10
C0725365 A9427163 L1321950 S1564851 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Blood Set 105"
C1656719 A9453381 L5862858 S6719384 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Calcium Iodate Monohydrate
C0725483 A9429399 L1327846 S1571090 AUI NOCODE TYPE orthopedic devices Cane Tip 3/4"
C0725490 A9430924 L1333071 S1576686 AUI NOCODE TYPE orthopedic devices Cane Walnut 7/8"
C0725507 A9432155 L1336981 S1581037 AUI NOCODE TYPE needles, syringes and injection supplies Cap Device Red
C1645622 A9453591 L5858947 S6719593 AUI NOCODE TYPE wound care supplies CarraSmart Foam Dressing, 2"x3"
C0304100 A9435849 L0539631 S2992637 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Cedar Leaf Oil
C1648905 A9454076 L5863127 S6720074 AUI NOCODE TYPE bulk compounding chemicals Chromium Chloride Hexahydrate
C0725636 A9428383 L1324813 S1567848 AUI NOCODE TYPE bandages Cloth Tape 2" Dermicel
C0725660 A9432372 L1337913 S1582128 AUI NOCODE TYPE orthopedic devices Cold Pack Instant
C1658093 A9437846 L5863363 S6704107 AUI NOCODE TYPE bandages Comfeel Film Transparent
C1170786 A9439077 L5860659 S6705314 AUI NOCODE TYPE wound care supplies Duoderm Dressing 5.5x5.5"
C0876335 A9433761 L1716117 S1949682 AUI NOCODE TYPE ostomy supplies Durahesive Wafer 1 3/8"


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C0688689 A1516845 L1324395 S1567399 AUI 1175 DHJC Q0167 dronabinol 2.5 mg oral capsule
C0977722 A1511937 L1320037 S1562747 AUI 2078 DHJC J9211 idarubicin 10 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0981582 A4369432 L1332288 S4040705 AUI 2318 DHJC J2930 methylPREDNISolone 500 mg injectable powder for injection
C0710403 A4368388 L1326905 S4039662 AUI 3422 DHJC Q0163 diphenhydrAMINE 25 mg oral tablet
C0975307 A1997486 L1833279 S2141808 AUI 8302 DHJC J0637 caspofungin 50 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0981234 A1525518 L1331940 S1575455 AUI 1341 DHJC J0290 Ampicillin, 500 mg injectable powder for injection
C1713559 A4369338 L3504614 S4040611 AUI 1629 DHJC J9217 Lupron Depot, 7.5 mg intramuscular powder for injection
C0978557 A1525210 L1331667 S1575154 AUI 2210 DHJC J9260 Methotrexate Sodium, 50 mg injectable powder for injection
C0711980 A1512001 L1320099 S1562814 AUI 4123 DHJC J9360 Velban, 10 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0688249 A1520978 L1327986 S1571235 AUI 662 DHJC J2400 Chloroprocaine Hydrochloride, 3% injectable solution
C0938762 A1996898 L1833376 S2141352 AUI 263 DHJC J0743 Primaxin IM, 750 mg-750 mg intramuscular powder for injection
C0710415 A1522942 L1329638 S1573006 AUI 3425 DHJC Q0163 40 Winks, 50 mg oral tablet
C0710480 A1520306 L1327512 S1570735 AUI 3785 DHJC J1190 Zinecard, 250 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0712826 A1518091 L1325515 S1568593 AUI 458 DHJC J0270 Edex, 20 mcg injectable powder for injection
C1171297 A2605799 L2489839 S2943031 AUI 6873 DHJC J2353 Sandostatin LAR Depot, 30 mg intramuscular powder for injection
C0716732 A4369735 L3504577 S4041007 AUI 745 DHJC J9045 Paraplatin, 450 mg intravenous powder for injection
C0976168 A1515578 L1323291 S1566255 AUI 3469 DHJC S0160 dextroamphetamine 15 mg oral capsule, extended release
C1329071 A4369664 L3504032 S4040936 AUI 9025 DHJC J2357 omalizumab 150 mg subcutaneous powder for injection
C0974671 A9452431 L1331973 S6718452 AUI 5940 DHJC J0456 Azithromycin, 500 mg intravenous powder for injection


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C1873964 A1530278 L1335229 S1579106 AUI d04348 DPC N APAP/chlorpheniramine/codeine/phenylephrine
C0002371 A0592547 L0002371 S0518497 AUI d00978 DPC N aluminum hydroxide
C0717402 A1528389 L1334167 S1577879 AUI d04089 DPC N amino acids-urea topical
C0002598 A0473457 L0002598 S0414801 AUI d00002 DPC D amiodarone
C1329978 A4369282 L3505008 S4040555 AUI d05048 DPC X amlodipine-atorvastatin
C0875909 A1888996 L1717426 S1953815 AUI d04541 DPC C azelastine ophthalmic
C0004599 A0474312 L0004599 S0415333 AUI d01115 DPC C bacitracin
C0875910 A1888997 L1717451 S1953822 AUI d04430 DPC N bacitracin/neomycin/polymyxin B/pramoxine top
C0304582 A1528414 L1334183 S1577900 AUI d01225 DPC N boric acid topical
C0006462 A4370918 L0006462 S4042189 AUI d00182 DPC B busPIRone
C0006674 A0594044 L0006674 S0519890 AUI d03126 DPC C calcitriol
C0060405 A0171042 L0060405 S0142144 AUI d04256 DPC B cefdinir
C0717568 A1533784 L1337305 S1581428 AUI d03632 DPC N cetylpyridinium topical
C0717569 A1533824 L1337326 S1581449 AUI d04244 DPC C charcoal-simethicone
C0717628 A1528417 L1334186 S1577903 AUI d03716 DPC C citric acid/gluconodelta-lactone/Mg carbonate
C0010137 A0476760 L0010137 S0417026 AUI d00609 DPC N cortisone
C0717662 A1535600 L1338361 S1582604 AUI d00765 DPC B cromolyn ophthalmic
C0010547 A0595444 L0010547 S0521176 AUI d00858 DPC B cyclizine
C0011145 A0477372 L0011145 S0417506 AUI d01402 DPC C deferoxamine

Last Reviewed: April 4, 2012