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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2009AA Alternative Billing Concepts Source Information


Attribute NameDescriptionCount (MRSAT.RRF)
DATE_CREATED Date created 4424
DATE_LAST_MODIFIED Date last modified 4424
SOURCE_UI Unique identifier from the source 4424


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Appendix B.2 for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See UMLS Documentation Section more information on MRSAT.RRF.

Sample Data


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C0695300 A8588901 L5493843 S6286960 SCUI AADAD DATE_CREATED 2/8/1999 17:48 Usual existing home-visit 25 minutes
C0884343 A8588751 L5494910 S6286810 SCUI AAFZZ DATE_CREATED 10/18/1999 Undefined existing client in-facility with ICD diagnosis narrative required
C1535619 A8585640 L5494113 S6283365 SCUI ABBAD DATE_CREATED 9/24/2004 8:01 Comprehensive existing wellness 60 minutes
C1610148 A8589788 L5627373 S6451700 SCUI ACAAR DATE_CREATED 10/21/2005 13:16 Simple new 15 minutes in-office personal training intake
C1610701 A8589427 L5627955 S6451344 SCUI ACAAY DATE_CREATED 10/21/2005 13:23 Detailed new 45 minutes in-office Native American Healing intake
C1609046 A8589877 L5627883 S6451789 SCUI ACABB DATE_CREATED 10/21/2005 13:25 Usual new 30 minutes in-office homeopathic intake
C1965705 A13105596 L6783453 S7909367 SCUI ACABL DATE_CREATED 11/19/2007 11:09 Comprehensive prolonged new 180 minutes in-office homeopathic intake
C1610709 A8589800 L5627366 S6451712 SCUI ACDBD DATE_CREATED 10/21/2005 13:58 Simple subsequent out-of-office 15 minutes homeopathic intake
C1965723 A13105734 L6783402 S7909379 SCUI ACDBN DATE_CREATED 10/16/2006 11:21 Comprehensive subsequent out-of-office 60 minutes midwifery intake


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C0695313 A8585672 L5493314 S6283396 SCUI AAEAG DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 9/22/2004 9:19 Comprehensive prolonged new in-facility 120 minutes
C1619798 A8589355 L5628112 S6451272 SCUI ACABE DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/21/2005 17:49 Comprehensive prolonged new 90 minutes in-office homeopathic intake
C1610150 A8589796 L5627375 S6451708 SCUI ACBAO DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/16/2006 12:52 Simple subsequent 15 minutes in-office nutrition intake
C1608495 A8589365 L5628038 S6451282 SCUI ACBAZ DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/16/2006 14:04 Comprehensive subsequent 60 minutes in-office Native American Healing intake
C1535608 A8588924 L5493808 S6286983 SCUI ACDAK DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/16/2006 14:43 Usual subsequent 20 minutes out-of-office reflexology intake
C1610157 A8589891 L5627884 S6451803 SCUI ACDBE DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/16/2006 14:59 Usual subsequent out-of-office 30 minutes homeopathic intake
C1535729 A8587336 L5493982 S6285234 SCUI ACFAD DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/5/2004 12:25 Nurse simple existing in-office 5 minutes
C1535733 A8587321 L5493946 S6285219 SCUI ACFAH DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/5/2004 12:30 Nurse detailed existing in-office 40 minutes
C1610137 A8589612 L5627794 S6451525 SCUI ACKAF DATE_LAST_MODIFIED 10/24/2005 16:52 In-facility usual new Oriental medicine intake 20 minutes


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C0695291 A8585876 L5493958 S6283618 SCUI AACAD SOURCE_UI 21 Detailed new home-visit 45 minutes
C0877882 A8588911 L5493848 S6286970 SCUI ACAAB SOURCE_UI 61 Usual new 25 minutes in-office
C1965705 A13105596 L6783453 S7909367 SCUI ACABL SOURCE_UI 5765 Comprehensive prolonged new 180 minutes in-office homeopathic intake
C1608494 A8589367 L5628050 S6451284 SCUI ACBAR SOURCE_UI 5588 Comprehensive subsequent 60 minutes in-office nutrition intake
C1608497 A8589432 L5627965 S6451349 SCUI ACCAW SOURCE_UI 5612 Detailed new 45 minutes out-of-office personal training intake
C1611259 A8589356 L5627267 S6451273 SCUI ACCBH SOURCE_UI 5623 Comprehensive prolonged new out-of-office 120 minutes homeopathic intake
C1535742 A8587324 L5493957 S6285222 SCUI ACGAK SOURCE_UI 5325 Nurse detailed new home-visit 45 minutes
C1535754 A8587300 L5493310 S6285197 SCUI ACHAF SOURCE_UI 5336 Nurse comprehensive prolonged existing home-visit 120 minutes
C1160802 A8588531 L5494876 S6286585 SCUI ADXAF SOURCE_UI 4578 Therapeutic grade essential oils recommendation no charge