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CDCREC (Race & Ethnicity - CDC) - Metathesaurus Representation

This page lists UMLS Metathesaurus data elements and traces them back to the specific source data that populates them.


Summary of Changes

Substantial changes to the format and content in this version.

  • Atoms have all new codes.
  • New TTY = OP
  • New RELA = has_category/category_of

Source Provided Files:

The input file was provided in an Excel spreadsheet consisting of 6 tabs:

  • Race2022
  • RaceVMapping2022to2000
  • Ethnicity2022
  • EthnicityMapping2022to2000
  • Retired2022-Race
  • Retired2020-Ethnicity
File Name Description
2022_RaceAndEthnicityFinal_TablesforPub_Final.xlsx Code set for use in coding race and ethnicity data


Identifiers are assigned as follows:

Identifier Origin
CODE Concept Code
SAUI Not applicable
SCUI Concept Code
SDUI Not applicable

Atoms (MRCONSO):

Term Type Origin of CODE Origin of STR
PT 'Concept Code' field of Race2022 tab or Ethnicity2022 tab 'Concept' field field of Race2022 tab or Ethnicity2022 tab
OP 'Concept Code' field of Race2022 tab or Ethnicity2022 tab 'Concept' field of Race2022 tab or Ethnicity2022 tab

Attributes (MRSAT)

Attribute Name Origin
COMMENT 'Comments' field from the Retired2022-Race tab
DATE_ADDED_TO_VERSION 'Date added to Version' field from the Race2022 tab
HAS_PREV_CODE 'Concept Code 2000' or 'Concept Code Ethnicity 2000' field from RaceVMapping2022To2000 tab and EthnicityMapping2022To2000 tab, respectively
ONE_TO_MANY_RELATIONSHIP '1 to Many Relationship' field from the RaceVMapping2022To200 tab
STATUS 'Status' field from the Retired2022-Race tab and Retired2020-Ethnicity tab

Relationships (MRREL)

Relationship Relationship Label/inverse Relationship Label Origin
RT has_category/category_of 'Race Category Code' or 'Ethnicity Category Code' from the Race2022 tab or the Ethnicity2022 tab, respectively