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CDCREC (Race & Ethnicity - CDC) - Metathesaurus Representation

This page lists UMLS Metathesaurus data elements and traces them back to the specific source data that populates them.


Summary of Changes

  • This is a new source. Only atoms and a hierarchy were created.

Source Provided Files:

The input file was provided in an Excel spreadsheet consisting of five tabs:

  • Code System Metadata
  • All Codes
  • Ethnicity Relationship Mapping
  • Race Relationship Mapping
  • All Relationships
File Name Description
PH_RaceAndEthnicity_CDC_v1.2.xlsx Code set for use in coding race and ethnicity data


Identifiers are assigned as follows:

Identifier Origin
CODE Concept Code (from the 'All Codes' tab)
SAUI Not applicable
SDUI Not applicable

Atoms (MRCONSO):

Term Type Origin of CODE Origin of STR
PT CODE, SCUI: Concept Code value from the 'All Codes' tab