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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2012AA Consumer Health Vocabulary Source Information


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Attribute Name Description Count (MRSAT.RRF)
COMBO_SCORE Combo Score 146324
COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS Combo Score that has no top words 146324
CONTEXT_SCORE Context Score 146324
CUI_SCORE CUI Score 146324
DISPARAGED Disparaged 146324
FREQUENCY Frequency 146324


  • Attributes included every discrete piece of information about a concept, an atom, or a relationship that is not part of the basic Metathesaurus concept structure or distributed in one of the relationship files.
  • Attribute Names (ATN) are based on source documentation or NLMs understanding of the source.
  • Sample attribute values (ATV) are provided for each ATN in the source.
  • Sample data highlight examples of ATNs and Attribute Values (ATV) in MRSAT.RRF.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a complete list of attribute names.
  • See Section 2.5 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on attributes in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0001641 A18571030 L0002206 S11847765 AUI 0000000776 COMBO_SCORE 0.277 alpha adrenergic blocker
C0001957 A18552673 L0011207 S0521810 AUI 0000000868 COMBO_SCORE 0.251898879 delirium tremens
C0005149 A18553051 L0005149 S11842268 AUI 0000001817 COMBO_SCORE -1 2 beta microglobulin
C0005791 A18645988 L0005791 S1428803 AUI 0000001993 COMBO_SCORE 0.3654 blood component removal
C0007785 A18609113 L0211203 S11865721 AUI 0000002664 COMBO_SCORE 0.4219 cerebral infarcts
C0009378 A18553540 L2966483 S11869736 AUI 0000003176 COMBO_SCORE 0.4029 colonoscopy procedures
C0009443 A18572011 L0009443 S0416877 AUI 0000003199 COMBO_SCORE 0.868207012 common cold
C0012066 A18590953 L0012066 S0417766 AUI 0000003885 COMBO_SCORE -1 dichloroacetate
C0014557 A18572566 L0086102 S11928084 AUI 0000004563 COMBO_SCORE -1 post traumatic epilepsy
C0015176 A18554171 L0015176 S0039460 AUI 0000004736 COMBO_SCORE 0.784937126 Europe
C0016873 A18647330 L0393762 S11944587 AUI 0000005302 COMBO_SCORE -1 teeth fusion
C0016927 A18684301 L0303279 S11891607 AUI 0000005312 COMBO_SCORE 0.616012932 gag reflex
C0017712 A18628788 L0017712 S1433619 AUI 0000005556 COMBO_SCORE -1 topical glucocorticoid
C0018808 A18628930 L0026806 S11915906 AUI 0000005882 COMBO_SCORE 0.5978 murmuring
C0020651 A18554974 L0020652 S1230882 AUI 0000006494 COMBO_SCORE 0.33163111 postural hypotension
C0020807 A18592061 L0849912 S11930975 AUI 0000006533 COMBO_SCORE 0.36812106 pulmonary hemosiderosis
C0021672 A18666543 L0021672 S1434560 AUI 0000006790 COMBO_SCORE 0.828365328 insurance
C0022071 A18610826 L0022071 S0420819 AUI 0000006920 COMBO_SCORE -1 iridium
C0022126 A18573608 L0026870 S11916264 AUI 0000006939 COMBO_SCORE 0.514879916 muslim


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C0002422 A18645552 L0002422 S1205337 AUI 0000000975 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.605963514 ambulance
C0002428 A18682553 L0029918 S11922191 AUI 0000000978 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.578356281 outpatient surgery
C0003009 A18589875 L0003009 S11849308 AUI 0000001183 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.559126097 angiotensin ii
C0003195 A18608506 L0371890 S11849930 AUI 0000001253 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.339 anti arrhythmics
C0003799 A18552900 L0003799 S11851616 AUI 0000001435 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS -1 armenian
C0004030 A18571357 L9523011 S11852478 AUI 0000001518 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.3855 aspergillose
C0004609 A18552990 L0004609 S0519130 AUI 0000001663 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.347407862 baclofen
C0004965 A18682924 L0004965 S11855485 AUI 0000001769 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0 bence jones proteins
C0005377 A18645929 L0005375 S9040084 AUI 0000001848 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.517543526 bicycling
C0005670 A18553102 L0005670 S11856864 AUI 0000001944 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.313025556 bk virus
C0005850 A18590226 L0005850 S11858276 AUI 0000002025 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.1754 blood volumes
C0007578 A18664762 L0007578 S1863670 AUI 0000002578 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.45955 cell adhesion molecules
C0009144 A18590645 L0016862 S11891491 AUI 0000003093 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.6899 furred tongue
C0010583 A18665146 L0556013 S11874337 AUI 0000003529 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.4539 cyt
C0011303 A18572219 L1377601 S8208702 AUI 0000003692 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.3922 demyelinating disorders
C0011535 A18683649 L0011535 S0417628 AUI 0000003772 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS -1 deoxyuridine
C0018789 A18684574 L0018789 S11896203 AUI 0000005866 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.4662 heart aneurysms
C0018808 A18610364 L0018808 S1433919 AUI 0000005882 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS 0.652149382 heart murmur
C0021053 A18666480 L0296851 S11900877 AUI 0000006604 COMBO_SCORE_NO_TOP_WORDS -1 immunological disease


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C0001261 A18570992 L0001261 S11844983 AUI 0000000671 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 actinomycoses
C0003321 A18571250 L0003321 S0226375 AUI 0000001295 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 bacterial antigen
C0264956 A18552954 L0004150 S1344029 AUI 0000001557 CONTEXT_SCORE 0.6955 atheroma
C0005810 A18645992 L0005808 S1428823 AUI 0000002003 CONTEXT_SCORE 0.8439 blood groups
C0010054 A18553611 L0161624 S1232334 AUI 0000003365 CONTEXT_SCORE 0.5886 myocardial ischemia
C0010417 A18665132 L1382649 S11911233 AUI 0000003493 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 maldescended testis
C0011206 A18609484 L0011206 S11875484 AUI 0000003670 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 deliria
C0014792 A18683994 L0189324 S1344433 AUI 0000004629 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 red blood cell
C0015743 A18554273 L0015743 S11887734 AUI 0000004937 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 fees schedule
C0016658 A18647310 L0161948 S11890640 AUI 0000005240 CONTEXT_SCORE 0.7909 fracture of bone
C0017409 A18591596 L0017408 S11892590 AUI 0000005442 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 geniculate herpes zoster
C0017535 A18628746 L0086257 S11892885 AUI 0000005488 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 giardia intestinalis
C0018536 A18554619 L0018536 S6653117 AUI 0000005779 CONTEXT_SCORE 0.1485 hallux valgus
C0019573 A18629065 L5182144 S0420019 AUI 0000006153 CONTEXT_SCORE 0 hirudin
C0020021 A18666333 L1018971 S11886776 AUI 0000006277 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 facilities health mental
C0021900 A18685033 L0021900 S0769155 AUI 0000006878 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 intrauterine device
C0021968 A18592203 L0021968 S0420798 AUI 0000006899 CONTEXT_SCORE 0.9 iodine
C0025235 A18574007 L0025235 S11912987 AUI 0000007905 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 melkersson-rosenthal syndrome
C0026987 A18685665 L0312285 S11915218 AUI 0000008408 CONTEXT_SCORE -1 mos


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C0002525 A18608404 L0002525 S11848176 AUI 0000001010 CUI_SCORE 0.3751 amino acids essential
C0002771 A18552750 L0003105 S1206981 AUI 0000001085 CUI_SCORE 0.4647 anodyne
C0003130 A18664209 L0003130 S1343746 AUI 0000001229 CUI_SCORE 0.5359 anoxia
C0003662 A18645777 L0003662 S11851387 AUI 0000001405 CUI_SCORE 0.4312 aqueous humour
C0006507 A18608945 L0005340 S11855919 AUI 0000002258 CUI_SCORE 0.143 bht
C0007097 A18664686 L0007097 S0416191 AUI 0000002416 CUI_SCORE 0.428 carcinoma
C0007137 A18553287 L0007137 S11940708 AUI 0000002437 CUI_SCORE 0.4289 squamous cell carcinomas
C0009824 A18646514 L0009822 S11871190 AUI 0000003305 CUI_SCORE -1 consumer involvement
C0009952 A18609358 L0293209 S11888232 AUI 0000003336 CUI_SCORE 0.573 fever convulsion
C0009968 A18627886 L0009968 S2369069 AUI 0000003343 CUI_SCORE 0.425 coppers
C0010339 A18683539 L0010338 S11872928 AUI 0000003461 CUI_SCORE -1 critical period
C0013170 A18628184 L0305707 S1433808 AUI 0000004136 CUI_SCORE 0.4096 habituation
C0016662 A18665886 L0016662 S11890823 AUI 0000005242 CUI_SCORE 0.5343 fractures open
C0016904 A18572868 L0017020 S1425261 AUI 0000005309 CUI_SCORE 0.2869 gamma-aminobutyric acid
C0019544 A18591912 L0019544 S11897956 AUI 0000006138 CUI_SCORE -1 hill-burton act
C0019569 A18591926 L0019569 S11878147 AUI 0000006151 CUI_SCORE 0.4395 disease hirschsprung
C0021816 A18685011 L0008009 S1217129 AUI 0000006845 CUI_SCORE -1 chemonucleolysis
C0022281 A18573621 L0022281 S11904661 AUI 0000006979 CUI_SCORE 0.5081 itching eye
C0022680 A18610913 L0296868 S11927551 AUI 0000007105 CUI_SCORE 0.4021 polycystic kidney diseases


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C0002710 A18664139 L0030870 S1436264 AUI 0000001065 DISPARAGED no pentanol
C0002994 A18664195 L6192606 S11849200 AUI 0000001177 DISPARAGED no angio oedema
C0003844 A18645793 L0003844 S1343930 AUI 0000001455 DISPARAGED no arteriography
C0007716 A18683268 L0007716 S0416375 AUI 0000002631 DISPARAGED no cephalexin
C0008425 A18646356 L6192823 S11849942 AUI 0000002894 DISPARAGED no anti cholinesterase
C0008858 A18553488 L0022786 S11873720 AUI 0000003013 DISPARAGED no cycles krebs
C0013445 A18665419 L0013445 S11864232 AUI 0000004227 DISPARAGED no cartilage ear
C0015967 A18628582 L0034247 S1238944 AUI 0000005010 DISPARAGED no pyrexia
C0018133 A18666041 L0296797 S11878104 AUI 0000005675 DISPARAGED no disease graft versus host
C0238154 A18573163 L0832419 S11886022 AUI 0000005954 DISPARAGED no extradural hemorrhage
C0019034 A18647631 L0080149 S11937927 AUI 0000005991 DISPARAGED no sickle cell-hemoglobin c disease
C0019764 A18591948 L0019762 S11898312 AUI 0000006203 DISPARAGED no hla-dr
C0022688 A18666693 L0028225 S11918656 AUI 0000007109 DISPARAGED no nk cells
C0023461 A18573785 L0023461 S11911992 AUI 0000007340 DISPARAGED no mast cell leukaemia
C0027794 A18667335 L0027794 S11875054 AUI 0000008617 DISPARAGED no defect neural tube
C0030286 A18667544 L0030286 S11923419 AUI 0000009218 DISPARAGED no pancreatic diseases
C0032339 A18612094 L0032339 S11927368 AUI 0000009884 DISPARAGED no poikiloderma congenitale
C0033680 A18612229 L0033680 S8520903 AUI 0000010248 DISPARAGED no protein losing enteropathy
C0036351 A18612562 L0317105 S11936025 AUI 0000011091 DISPARAGED no schizophrenia residual type


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C0003070 A18645677 L0003070 S11952996 AUI 0000001207 FREQUENCY -1 wild animals
C0003216 A18571236 L6192917 S11850718 AUI 0000001260 FREQUENCY -1 antiulcer drugs
C0004083 A18627197 L1221950 S11913274 AUI 0000001537 FREQUENCY -1 mental association
C0004933 A18590110 L0004933 S11855395 AUI 0000001753 FREQUENCY 0.652203115 behaviour therapy
C1704302 A18608770 L2882205 S11855990 AUI 0000001846 FREQUENCY -1 bicuspid tooth
C0007595 A18683251 L0007595 S1344890 AUI 0000002588 FREQUENCY 0.807822349 cell growth
C0008574 A18683376 L0008574 S0416612 AUI 0000002935 FREQUENCY 0.327861592 chromium
C0010478 A18646598 L0010478 S11873500 AUI 0000003508 FREQUENCY -1 curricula
C0011064 A18627980 L0011064 S8204998 AUI 0000003630 FREQUENCY -1 deanol
C0011620 A18665240 L1217807 S1459060 AUI 0000003796 FREQUENCY -1 venous dermatitis
C0011892 A18590943 L3084638 S11897586 AUI 0000003849 FREQUENCY -1 heroin products
C0013331 A18609660 L0821325 S11881382 AUI 0000004191 FREQUENCY -1 dutch population
C0015385 A18554210 L1006552 S11851626 AUI 0000004807 FREQUENCY -1 arms and legs
C0016514 A18591501 L0016514 S11878081 AUI 0000005193 FREQUENCY -1 disease foot and mouth
C0017173 A18647363 L0389732 S0523441 AUI 0000005383 FREQUENCY -1 gastrointestinal drug
C0018378 A18684506 L1402054 S11846716 AUI 0000005736 FREQUENCY -1 aidp
C0019053 A18573178 L1222712 S0419864 AUI 0000005999 FREQUENCY -1 hemolysin
C0019967 A18647756 L0019967 S11883801 AUI 0000006259 FREQUENCY -1 engineers hospital
C0021273 A18573480 L0004580 S11854060 AUI 0000006677 FREQUENCY -1 baby equipment