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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2016AA UMLS CPT Source Information

This page lists specific source data elements and provides information on their representation in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

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CPT data files are submitted by the American Medical Association (AMA). The files processed for the UMLS Metathesaurus are available for licensing at the AMA Bookstore.
The information provided here applies explicitly to the English version of CPT. The Spanish translation of CPT (CPTSP) was last updated in 2001, and much of the information on this page is not applicable.

The UMLS does not include Guidelines or SNOMEDCT mappings from the CPT DTK files due to licensing restrictions.

Summary of Changes:

No changes were made to the CPT data format, however the "Additional Guidelines" property was not included in Metathesaurus source processing.
Deprecated ATN:
122, Additional Guidelines

Source-Provided Files: Summary

(return to top) The complete English language CPT distribution includes the following:

Documentation and Reference

File Name Description
2016 CONSUMER FRIENDLY-DESCRIPTORS ReadMe.doc User guide for Consumer Descriptor data
2016_CDs_ReadMe.doc User guide for Clinician Descriptor data
2016DTKReadMe.doc User guide for main data files

Data Files

File Name Description
ClinicianDescriptor_DTK_pipe.txt Clinician Descriptors
ConsumerDescriptor_DTK_pipe.txt Consumer-friendly Descriptors
Property_DTK_pipe.txt In the Property File, a concept is represented by a set of lines that all have the same CONCEPT ID. Some of the concepts in the Property File correspond to reportable CPT codes, some were constructed by the AMA for the 2014 CPT DTK, and some were drawn from SNOMED CT.
Relationship_DTK_pipe.txt In the Relationship File, relationships between two concepts are represented.
Type_DTK_pipe.txt The Type File provides a succinct representation of the types of information contained in the Property File and the Relationship File. The PROPERTY TYPE ID column from the Property File and RELATIONSHIP TYPE ID column from the Relationship File both correspond to the TYPE ID number from the Type File. Thus, the Type File enables a user to see at a glance all of the categories of relationship types used in the 2014 CPT DTK

Source-Provided Files: Details

(return to top) Details on format of input files and representation of source data. Consult the CPT documentation for additional details.

file: Type_DTK_pipe.txt

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Field Name Description
Type Id This field corresponds to the Property Type Id in the properties file or the Relationship Type Id in the relationships file
Category Value of "Property," "Relationship" or "Qualifier" indicate the nature of the Type
Type Name Type description

file: Property_DTK_pipe.txt

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This file consists of 3 delimited fields:

  • Concept ID
  • Property Type ID
  • Property Value

The "Property Type ID" value determines how each row is represented in the Metathesaurus:

Property Type ID Element Name Description Representation
100 Guideline Explanatory text attached to a concept (code/heading/subheading). Not included in the UMLS Metathesaurus due to licensing restrictions.
101 First_Appearance The year the code was first introduced to CPT. MRSAT.ATN = DATE_CREATED
102 Addon_Code Add-on code, i.e. it is commonly carried out in addition to the primary procedure performed. MRSAT.ATN = ADDON_CODE
103 Reportable T for CPT codes that can be used for the reporting of services. F for headings/subheadings and guidelines. MRSAT.ATN = REPORTABLE
104 CPT_Code The 5-character CPT Code MRCONSO.CODE, MRCONSO.SCUI
105 Moderate_(Conscious)_Sedation T for codes marked with the moderate (conscious) sedation symbol. MRSAT.ATN = MODERATE_CONSCIOUS_SEDATION
106 Descriptor Full description of the concept (e.g., the CPT code's long descriptor, as listed in the CPT book).

TTY=PT (preferred term) or HT (hierarchical term)

For TTY = PT, the CODE and SCUI are the 5-character CPT code (Property Type ID = 104)

For TTY = HT, the CODE and SCUI are the DTK_CONCEPT_ID
For TTY = MP, the CODE and SCUI are the Modifier Code (Property Type ID = 129)

107 Exempt_Mod Contains 51 or 63 for codes where Modifier 51 or 63 Exempt MRSAT.ATN = EXEMPT_MOD
108 FDA_Approval_Pending T for codes marked with the FDA approval pending symbol MRSAT.ATN = FDA_APPROVAL_PENDING
109 Level For headings, a value ranging from H1 (a top-level heading such as "Surgery" to H6 (a 6th-level subheading) and HS (a heading for a small family of related codes). For CPT codes, either PC for Parent Code or CC for Child Code. MRSAT.ATN = CPT_LEVEL
Note: This information is also implicit in the hierarchy representation.
110 Medium_Descriptor
Descriptor limited to 48 characters MRCONSO.STR; TTY = AB
111 Short_Descriptor Descriptor limited to 28 characters MRCONSO.STR; TTY = AB
112 SNOMED_CT_Fully_Specified_Name A unique and unambiguous concept name used to identify a SNOMED CT concept and clarify its meaning Not included in the UMLS Metathesaurus. SNOMED Codes and strings are already present.
113 SNOMED_CT_CODE_(SCTID) Non-semantic identifier from the SNOMEDCT terminology Not included in the UMLS Metathesaurus. SNOMED Codes and strings are already present.
120 Last_Revised The year the CPT code was last revised. MRSAT.ATN = DATE_LAST_MODIFIED
121 Descriptor_Extension Extension of full description of the concept (e.g., the CPT code's long descriptor, as listed in the CPT book). MRSAT.ATN = DESCRIPTOR_EXTENSION
122 Additional_Guideline Additional explanatory text that is applicable to a concept (code/heading/subheading). Note: not all of the additional guidelines appear with the heading or code in the published CPT code book. MRSAT.ATN = ADDITIONAL_GUIDELINE
127 Measure_Developer Name of the measure developer associated with the Category II code MRSAT.ATN = MEASURE_DEVELOPER
128 Descriptor_Element The elements of a multi-paragraph descriptor, such as lab panels, and molecular pathology MRSAT.ATN = CPF(Full form of descriptor)
129 Modifier_Code The two-character modifier code MRCONSO.TTY = CODE, SCUI where MRCONSO.TTY = "MP"
132 Citation Reference to CPT Assistant Newsletter articles; CPT Changes: An Insider's View; Clinical Examples in Radiology MRCONSO.ATN = CITATION
133 Coding_Tip Coding Tip text MRCONSO.ATN = CODING_TIP
134 Proprietary_Name Proprietary name for multianalyte assays with algorithmic analyses contained in Appendix O from the CPT codebook MRCONSO.ATN = PROPRIETARY_NAME

file: Relationship_DTK_pipe.txt

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This file consists of 5 delimited fields:

  • Concept ID 1
  • Relationship Type ID
  • Concept ID2
  • Relationship Qualifier Type ID
  • Relationship Qualifier Value

The "Relationship Type ID" value determines how each row is represented in the Metathesaurus. The majority of relationships connect CPT to SNOMED_CT, and are not released in the Metathesaurus due to licensing restrictions.

The following relationships are released:

Relationship Type ID Description Representation
1 Is_A Used to create hierarchy. Distributed in MRHIER.RRF, MRREL.RRF
207 Has_Panel_Element MRREL.RRF
RELA = has_panel_element/panel_element_of

The following relationships are not released:

Relationship Type ID Description
200 Anatomic_Site
201 Component
202 Device
203 Associated_Procedure
204 Method
205 Specimen
206 Substance
208 Surgical_Extent
210 Patient_Type
211 Pathology
212 Complexity
213 Approach
214 Locale
215 Associated_Finding
400 Replaced_By
401 Refers_To

file: ClinicianDescriptor_DTK_pipe.txt

Field Name Description Representation
Property Value Clincian Descriptor MRCONSO.STR

file: ConsumerDescriptor_DTK_pipe.txt

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Field Name Description Representation
Property Type ID All rows in this file have value 123, "Consumer Friendly Descriptor" MRCONSO.TTY = ETCF
Property Value Consumer Friendly Descriptor MRCONSO.STR