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CSP (CRISP Thesaurus) - Synopsis

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The Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects (CRISP) Thesaurus was developed by the National Institutes of Health for use in the CRISP database of research projects funded by the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS).

CRISP is a terminology used for indexing biomedical information.

CRISP contains over 8,000 preferred terms that are grouped hierarchically into 11 domains. The 11 domains are:

  1. anatomy
  2. behavioral/social science
  3. biology
  4. chemical
  5. disease/disorder
  6. food science/technology
  7. medicine
  8. named group
  9. organism
  10. physical science
  11. technology/technique

CRISP also includes over 13,000 entry terms, synonyms, and abbreviations.

CRISP has been superseded by the Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools Expenditures and Results (RePORTer) query tool.

Metathesaurus Update Frequency
CRISP was last updated in the Metathesaurus in 2006.

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