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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2011AB HUGO Source Information


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Relationship Relationship Attribute Count (MRREL.RRF)
SY has_alias 36400
SY has_expanded_form 31210


Sample data are taken from MRREL.RRF. Associated strings(str) from MRCONSO.RRF are also included

  • See relationships definitions below.
  • Every relationship has a separate row in MRREL.RRF.
  • Relationships are assigned based on source documentation or NLM understanding of the source.
  • Metathesaurus relationships in MRREL.RRF are read from right to left.
  • All relationships in MRREL.RRF are expressed in both directions, for example: 'has_ingredient/ingredient_of'. Inverse relationships in each pair are indicated on this page.
  • An asterisk (*) in the relationship attribute column indicates that no relationship attribute (RELA) was assigned.
  • Every even row (indicated by orange colored rel/rela pairs) indicates that the current row is an inverse relationship of the row above it.
  • See Section 2.4 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on Relationships in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Relationship Definitions

  • AQ: allowed qualifier
  • CHD: has child (narrower hierarchical term)
  • DEL: deleted concept
  • PAR: has parent (broader hierarchical term)
  • QB: can be qualifier by
  • RB: has a broader relationship
  • RL: has similar or like relationship
  • RN: has narrower relationship
  • RO: has relationship other than synonymous, narrower or broader
  • RQ: related and possibly synonymous
  • SIB: has sibling
  • SY: source-asserted synonymy

Sample Data


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C1412373 A11693824 AUI FPP SY has_alias ALX homeobox 4 AUI A16705492 C1412373
C1412373 A16705492 AUI ALX homeobox 4 SY alias_of FPP AUI A11693824 C1412373
C1418501 A16697093 AUI PGAM-B SY has_alias phosphoglycerate mutase 1 (brain) AUI A11661191 C1418501
C1418501 A11661191 AUI phosphoglycerate mutase 1 (brain) SY alias_of PGAM-B AUI A16697093 C1418501
C1417708 A16706587 AUI NFKB-p50 SY has_alias nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells 1 AUI A16692380 C1417708
C1417708 A16692380 AUI nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells 1 SY alias_of NFKB-p50 AUI A16706587 C1417708
C2678562 A16706717 AUI DAPR SY has_alias pleckstrin homology domain containing, family M, member 3 AUI A16704263 C2678562
C2678562 A16704263 AUI pleckstrin homology domain containing, family M, member 3 SY alias_of DAPR AUI A16706717 C2678562
C2680430 A16707432 AUI FLJ44379 SY has_alias sentan, cilia apical structure protein AUI A16690801 C2680430
C2680430 A16690801 AUI sentan, cilia apical structure protein SY alias_of FLJ44379 AUI A16707432 C2680430
C1539342 A11657787 AUI bcm2636 SY has_alias eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2, subunit 2 beta pseudogene 2 AUI A17762671 C1539342
C1539342 A17762671 AUI eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2, subunit 2 beta pseudogene 2 SY alias_of bcm2636 AUI A11657787 C1539342
C3148145 A19280275 AUI hsa-mir-4636 SY has_alias microRNA 4636 AUI A19273384 C3148145
C3148145 A19273384 AUI microRNA 4636 SY alias_of hsa-mir-4636 AUI A19280275 C3148145
C1538671 A11699459 AUI MGC3358 SY has_alias pleckstrin homology domain containing, family A (phosphoinositide binding specific) member 8 AUI A11699458 C1538671
C1538671 A11699458 AUI pleckstrin homology domain containing, family A (phosphoinositide binding specific) member 8 SY alias_of MGC3358 AUI A11699459 C1538671
C1426947 A11690026 AUI FLJ21921 SY has_alias polymerase (RNA) I polypeptide B, 128kDa AUI A11699528 C1426947
C1426947 A11699528 AUI polymerase (RNA) I polypeptide B, 128kDa SY alias_of FLJ21921 AUI A11690026 C1426947
C1426958 A11646694 AUI BACH1 SY has_alias BRCA1 interacting protein C-terminal helicase 1 AUI A11703761 C1426958
C1426958 A11703761 AUI BRCA1 interacting protein C-terminal helicase 1 SY alias_of BACH1 AUI A11646694 C1426958
C1428898 A11653260 AUI NAP4 SY has_alias suppressor of cytokine signaling 7 AUI A11681929 C1428898
C1428898 A11681929 AUI suppressor of cytokine signaling 7 SY alias_of NAP4 AUI A11653260 C1428898
C1823384 A11691930 AUI DKFZp586C1924 SY has_alias transmembrane protein 126A AUI A11691929 C1823384
C1823384 A11691929 AUI transmembrane protein 126A SY alias_of DKFZp586C1924 AUI A11691930 C1823384
C1427422 A11646869 AUI FLJ22195 SY has_alias chromosome 6 open reading frame 106 AUI A11665819 C1427422
C1427422 A11665819 AUI chromosome 6 open reading frame 106 SY alias_of FLJ22195 AUI A11646869 C1427422
C1335795 A11681311 AUI S100C SY has_alias S100 calcium binding protein A11 AUI A11690833 C1335795
C1335795 A11690833 AUI S100 calcium binding protein A11 SY alias_of S100C AUI A11681311 C1335795
C1424714 A11675879 AUI TUCAN SY has_alias caspase recruitment domain family, member 8 AUI A11685388 C1424714
C1424714 A11685388 AUI caspase recruitment domain family, member 8 SY alias_of TUCAN AUI A11675879 C1424714
C1413514 A11666688 AUI SP-40 SY has_alias clusterin AUI A11704760 C1413514
C1413514 A11704760 AUI clusterin SY alias_of SP-40 AUI A11666688 C1413514
C1424548 A11679666 AUI KIAA0479 SY has_alias nicotinamide nucleotide adenylyltransferase 2 AUI A11670105 C1424548
C1424548 A11670105 AUI nicotinamide nucleotide adenylyltransferase 2 SY alias_of KIAA0479 AUI A11679666 C1424548
C1538317 A11684641 AUI FLJ20538 SY has_alias BTG3 associated nuclear protein AUI A11694186 C1538317
C1538317 A11694186 AUI BTG3 associated nuclear protein SY alias_of FLJ20538 AUI A11684641 C1538317
C1424533 A11659542 AUI KAP9.9 SY has_alias keratin associated protein 9-9 AUI A11688143 C1424533
C1424533 A11688143 AUI keratin associated protein 9-9 SY alias_of KAP9.9 AUI A11659542 C1424533


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C1824581 A17706461 AUI CCDC57 gene SY has_expanded_form CCDC57 AUI A17753937 C1824581
C1824581 A17753937 AUI CCDC57 SY expanded_form_of CCDC57 gene AUI A17706461 C1824581
C1425076 A17708859 AUI LIN7B gene SY has_expanded_form LIN7B AUI A17764286 C1425076
C1425076 A17764286 AUI LIN7B SY expanded_form_of LIN7B gene AUI A17708859 C1425076
C2240140 A17712899 AUI UHRF1BP1L gene SY has_expanded_form UHRF1BP1L AUI A17728627 C2240140
C2240140 A17728627 AUI UHRF1BP1L SY expanded_form_of UHRF1BP1L gene AUI A17712899 C2240140
C0812267 A17715224 AUI ERBB4 gene SY has_expanded_form ERBB4 AUI A17723076 C0812267
C0812267 A17723076 AUI ERBB4 SY expanded_form_of ERBB4 gene AUI A17715224 C0812267
C1414718 A17715535 AUI FRA14B gene SY has_expanded_form FRA14B AUI A17755193 C1414718
C1414718 A17755193 AUI FRA14B SY expanded_form_of FRA14B gene AUI A17715535 C1414718
C2829787 A17724996 AUI MIR3179-3 gene SY has_expanded_form MIR3179-3 AUI A17709313 C2829787
C2829787 A17709313 AUI MIR3179-3 SY expanded_form_of MIR3179-3 gene AUI A17724996 C2829787
C1826508 A17725561 AUI ODF2L gene SY has_expanded_form ODF2L AUI A17749335 C1826508
C1826508 A17749335 AUI ODF2L SY expanded_form_of ODF2L gene AUI A17725561 C1826508
C2239321 A17730535 AUI CXADRP3 gene SY has_expanded_form CXADRP3 AUI A17754394 C2239321
C2239321 A17754394 AUI CXADRP3 SY expanded_form_of CXADRP3 gene AUI A17730535 C2239321
C1419290 A17734400 AUI RBBP5 gene SY has_expanded_form RBBP5 AUI A17758313 C1419290
C1419290 A17758313 AUI RBBP5 SY expanded_form_of RBBP5 gene AUI A17734400 C1419290
C1538728 A17742204 AUI PRSS29P gene SY has_expanded_form PRSS29P AUI A17742203 C1538728
C1538728 A17742203 AUI PRSS29P SY expanded_form_of PRSS29P gene AUI A17742204 C1538728
C1846532 A17743324 AUI SHISA5 gene SY has_expanded_form SHISA5 AUI A17767117 C1846532
C1846532 A17767117 AUI SHISA5 SY expanded_form_of SHISA5 gene AUI A17743324 C1846532
C1419840 A17751021 AUI SCAMP2 gene SY has_expanded_form SCAMP2 AUI A17727271 C1419840
C1419840 A17727271 AUI SCAMP2 SY expanded_form_of SCAMP2 gene AUI A17751021 C1419840
C2239997 A17759465 AUI SNORD115-43 gene SY has_expanded_form SNORD115-43 AUI A17719836 C2239997
C2239997 A17719836 AUI SNORD115-43 SY expanded_form_of SNORD115-43 gene AUI A17759465 C2239997
C1420715 A17759799 AUI TGM3 gene SY has_expanded_form TGM3 AUI A17735949 C1420715
C1420715 A17735949 AUI TGM3 SY expanded_form_of TGM3 gene AUI A17759799 C1420715
C1424137 A17760559 AUI WNT5B gene SY has_expanded_form WNT5B AUI A17720917 C1424137
C1424137 A17720917 AUI WNT5B SY expanded_form_of WNT5B gene AUI A17760559 C1424137
C1421834 A17760682 AUI ZNF77 gene SY has_expanded_form ZNF77 AUI A17713192 C1421834
C1421834 A17713192 AUI ZNF77 SY expanded_form_of ZNF77 gene AUI A17760682 C1421834
C1426635 A17763229 AUI GEMIN7 gene SY has_expanded_form GEMIN7 AUI A17747325 C1426635
C1426635 A17747325 AUI GEMIN7 SY expanded_form_of GEMIN7 gene AUI A17763229 C1426635
C3147391 A19270261 AUI GPC5-AS1 gene SY has_expanded_form GPC5-AS1 AUI A19275729 C3147391
C3147391 A19275729 AUI GPC5-AS1 SY expanded_form_of GPC5-AS1 gene AUI A19270261 C3147391
C3147551 A19279917 AUI HMGN1P32 gene SY has_expanded_form HMGN1P32 AUI A19271646 C3147551
C3147551 A19271646 AUI HMGN1P32 SY expanded_form_of HMGN1P32 gene AUI A19279917 C3147551