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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2015AA UMLS ICD-9-CM Source Information

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Sample Information for Source Descriptor 14.83 from International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification, 2014 in the 2015AA version of UMLS

UMLS Concept Information

CUI Preferred Name Number of Atoms Semantic Type(s) Date Added To Metathesaurus Preferred English Language Synonyms Definition (if available)
C3858949 Revision or replacement of epiretinal visual prosthesis 2 [Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure] 2015-05-01 None None

Highest Ranking Atom of 14.83

AUI Term Type Atom Name Lexically Normalized Name
A24166348 PT Revision or replacement of epiretinal visual prosthesis epiretinal or prosthesis replacement revision visual

Highest Ranking Atom of 14.83 - Atom Relations

Relation Label Additional Relation Label Related Atom ID Related Atom Name Term Type Suppressible
SY expanded_form_of A24166338 Rev/repl epiretinal pros AB false

Source Descriptor Atoms

AUI Source Atom ID Term Term Type Source Concept Source Descriptor Obsolete Suppressible
A24166338 null Rev/repl epiretinal pros AB null 14.83 false true
A24166348 null Revision or replacement of epiretinal visual prosthesis PT null 14.83 false false

Source Descriptor Attributes

Attribute Name Attribute Value
ICN Note: Includes tack replacement, device relocation, and replacement of pericardial grafting, if needed
SOS Excludes: implantation of epiretinal visual prosthesis (14.81)

Path to Root (1)

Id Name
00-99.99  PROCEDURES
14    Operations on retina, choroid, vitreous, and posterior chamber
14.8     Implantation of epiretinal visual prosthesis

Siblings (1)

Id Name
14.81 Implantation of epiretinal visual prosthesis
14.82 Removal of epiretinal visual prosthesis