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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2015AB UMLS ICNP Source Information

Refer to the accompanying statistics page for data element descriptions from this source.

Sample Information for Source Concept 10045371 from International Classification for Nursing Practice, 2015 in the 2015AB version of UMLS

UMLS Concept Information

CUI Preferred Name Number of Atoms Semantic Type(s) Date Added To Metathesaurus Preferred English Language Synonyms Definitions (if available)
C4032515 Implementing Postpartum Care 1 [Health Care Activity] 2015-11-09 None None

Highest Ranking Atom of 10045371

AUI Term Type Atom Name Lexically Normalized Name
A24774130 PT Implementing Postpartum Care care implement postpartum

Source Concept Atoms

AUI SUI Term Term Type Source Atom ID Source Concept Obsolete Suppressible
A24774130 S15048420 Implementing Postpartum Care PT null 10045371 false false

Source Concept Attributes

Attribute Name Attribute Value

Path to Root (1)

Id Name
10010535  Intervention
10011673   Managing Regime

Siblings (1)

Id Name
10036565 Implementing Safety Regime
10042763 Implementing Childbirth Care
10031977 Managing Urinary Catheter
10046291 Managing Haemodialysis
10037187 Managing Screening Follow Up
10023888 Managing Medication Regime
10044861 Implementing Ventilator Care
10039693 Implementing Cluster Care
10023861 Managing Dietary Regime
10031931 Managing Postpartum Care
10024438 Prioritising (treatment) Regime
10031949 Managing Prenatal Care
10042530 Managing External Continence Device Regime
10039705 Implementing Comfort Care
10031954 Managing Stoma Care Regime
10045363 Implementing Prenatal Care
10031908 Managing Parenteral Feeding
10031920 Managing Peritoneal Dialysis
10038972 Implementing Immobilisation Regime
10031795 Managing Enteral Feeding
10023890 Managing Exercise Regime
10043723 Managing Cardiac Rehabilitation Regime
10031880 Managing Nephrostomy Care