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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2015AA UMLS MedDRA Source Information

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Sample Information for Source Descriptor 10075385 from Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Terminology (MedDRA), 17.1 in the 2015AA version of UMLS

UMLS Concept Information

CUI Preferred Name Number of Atoms Semantic Type(s) Date Added To Metathesaurus Preferred English Language Synonyms Definition (if available)
C3854503 Hearing aid therapy 22 [Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure] 2015-05-01 None None

Highest Ranking Atom of 10075385

AUI Term Type Atom Name Lexically Normalized Name
A24134212 PT Hearing aid therapy aid hear therapy

Highest Ranking Atom of 10075385 - Atom Relations

Relation Label Additional Relation Label Related Atom ID Related Atom Name Term Type Suppressible
RQ classifies A24134626 Hearing aid therapy LT false
SY has_translation A24182126 Lčba pomoc sluchadla PT false
SY has_translation A24199769 gehoorapparaat therapie PT false
SY has_translation A24197531 Traitement par appareil auditif PT false
SY has_translation A24213860 Hoergeraettherapie PT false
SY has_translation A24230560 Hallkszlkes terpia PT false
SY has_translation A24318153 Terapia con apparecchio acustico PT false
SY has_translation A24320451 補聴器による聴力補正 PT false
SY has_translation A24319471 ホチョウキニヨルチョウリョクホセイ PTJKN false
SY has_translation A24321381 Terapia de aparelho auditivo PT false
SY has_translation A24323402 Tratamiento con audfono PT false

Source Descriptor Atoms

AUI Source Atom ID Term Term Type Source Concept Source Descriptor Obsolete Suppressible
A24134626 null Hearing aid therapy LT null 10075385 false false
A24134212 null Hearing aid therapy PT null 10075385 false false

Source Descriptor Attributes

Attribute Name Attribute Value
MPS 10042613

Path to Root (1)

Id Name
10042613  Surgical and medical procedures
10019190   Head and neck therapeutic procedures
10027588    Middle ear therapeutic procedures

Siblings (1)

Id Name
10053290 Politzerisation
10027587 Middle ear lesion excision
10015545 Eustachian tube operation
10056212 Stapes mobilisation
10057927 Ear tube removal
10070723 Bone anchored hearing aid implantation
10061892 Ossicular operation
10068893 Middle ear operation
10028662 Myringotomy
10053296 Middle ear prosthesis removal
10045217 Tympanoplasty
10027589 Middle ear prosthesis insertion
10066408 Cholesteatoma removal
10074670 Atticotomy
10069123 Stapedotomy
10031147 Ossiculoplasty
10057900 Ear tube insertion
10041915 Stapedectomy