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NEU (Neuronames Brain Hierarchy) - Source Representation

This page lists specific source data elements and provides information on their representation in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

VSAB: NEU2021_05_25


NeuroNames, developed and maintained by The National Primate Research Center at the University of Washington, is a comprehensive neuroanatomical nomenclature for structures of the primate brain. It includes a standard vocabulary of structure names designed to maximize practicality in verbal communication as well as computerized knowledge management, and contains synonyms of the standard terms in several languages.

Data is supplied in a single JSON file.

Summary of Changes

SIBs are no longer being created.

Summary of Source-Provided Files

Documentation and Reference

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File Name Description
NeuroNames_2021_05_25.json XML file of standard names, synonyms, acronyms, URLs, and codes.

Source-Provided File Details

Field Number Field Name Description Representation
1 neuroNamesID Unique ID assigned to each neuroanatomical structure MRCONSO.CODE; MRCONSO.SCUI
2 cNIDType, cNID, cTypeID, cType, brainStructureType Obsolete information that is only of potential use to users of NeuroNames versions earlier than 2009. not processed
3 standardName Preferred name MRCONSO.STR; MRCONSO.TTY=PT or MRCONSO.TTY=OP
4 standardAcronym Acronym MRCONSO.STR; MRCONSO.TTY=ACR
5 brainInfoURL URL of the central directory page in BrainInfo MRSAT.ATN=BRAININFO_URL
6 cDefinition Definition MRDEF.DEF
7 synonyms List of synonyms Not processed
8 synonymLanguage Language of the synonym Used to determine if TTY or ATN is assigned. If language = Mixed, it is not processed.
9 organism Refers to the species studied Not processed
10 synonymNames Synonym MRCONSO.STR; MRCONSO.TTY=SY or MRCONSO.TTY=IS if language = English or Latin, otherwise, mapped to ATN = TRANSLATION
11 synonymSource Source of a synonym Not processed
12 synonymSourceTitle The title of the source of a synonym Not processed
13 pubMedHits The metric for use frequency in NeuroNames is the number of PubMed abstracts in which the name has appeared Not processed
14 brainInfoUrl Parent URL of the central directory page in BrainInfo Not processed
15 parentneuroNamesId Parent concept MRCXT.CUI
16 modelName The name of a model indicates the hierarchy in which a particular structure-parent relation pertains. Not processed
17 modelStatus Valid values: Obsolete, Show, Under Construction Not processed

The following fields can occur multiple times within a concept:

  • synonym
  • synonymLanguage