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NUCCPT (National Uniform Claim Committee - Health Care Provider Taxonomy) - Source Representation

This page lists specific source data elements and provides information on their representation in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

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Summary of Changes

New TTY:
  • OP (indicated by "inactive" notes)
New ATN:
  • NOTE (derived from "Notes" field in data)
New: "Definition" data is now included in MRDEF.RRF

Source Provided Files:

The input files are in standard comma-separated-values format, with fields descriptions in the first line.

File Name Description
nucc_taxonomy_171.csv Comma-separated data file

Source-Provided Files: Details

The following is a list of elements in the NUCCPT .csv source files:

Note: MRCONSO.STR values are created by concatenating "Grouping," "Classification," and "Specialization" columns, separated by ";" and "," respectively, e.g. the STR for 101YS0200X is "Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers; Counselor, School"

Element Representation
Grouping First element of MRCONSO.STR (followed by ";")
Classification Second element of MRCONSO.STR (followed by ",")
Specialization Third element of MRCONSO.STR
Definition MRDEF.DEF