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PDQ (Physician Data Query) - Source Representation

VSAB: PDQ_2018_10_27

General Notes/Comments:

Data is supplied in a single 'Terminology.tar' file. When uncompressed, there are a total of 13,407 individual xml files (CDR256085.xml, CDR256086.xml, CDR256087.xml, etc.).

Summary of Changes

New TTY = BN (fully-specified drug brand name that CANNOT be prescribed). This replaces the previous TTY=BD (fully-specified drug brand name that CAN be prescribed).

Summary of Source-Provided Files

Documentation and Reference


File NameDescription
Terminology.tarWhen uncompressed, there are a total of 13,407 individual xml files (CDR256085.xml, CDR256086.xml, CDR256087.xml, etc.).

Source-Provided File Details

Field NumberField NameDescriptionRepresentation
1PreferredNamePreferred name of a termMRCONSO.STR
2NCIMetathesaurusConceptIDID for a related NCI Metathesaurus conceptMRSAT.ATN=NCI_ID
3TermTypeNameIndicates usage of the preferred term (e.g., PT, HT, OP, PSC, etc.)MRCONSO.TTY
4OtherTermNameAdditional names for the termMRCONSO.STR
5OtherNameTypeIndicates usage of the other names (e.g., LV, SY, AB, ACR, etc.)MRCONSO.TTY
6IDUnique ID of the term. Prefixed with 'CDR' (e.g., CDR0000256402)MRCONSO.CODE; MRCONSO.SDUI
7ParentTermNameParent termUsed to build contexts
8parentTermNameRefID of the parent termNot Processed
9ParentTypeValue = ISAUsed to build contexts
10RelatedTermNameName of a related termMRCONSO.STR
11RelatedTermNameRefID of the related termMRCONSO.CODE; MRCONSO.SDUI
12RelationshipTypeIndicates the relationship attribute (i.e., RELA) between the preferred term and the related termMRREL.RELA
13LegacyPDQIDLegacy ID of the termMRSAT.ATN=PID
14SemanticTypePDQ-assigned semantic type of the termMRSAT.ATN=ORIG_STY
15DefinitionTextDefinition of the termMRSAT.ATN=DEFINITION
16DefinitionTypeIndicates who the definition is geared for. Value = health professionalNot processed.
17DateFirstPublishedDate the entry was first publishedMRSAT.ATN=DATE_FIRST_PUBLISHED
18DateLastModifiedDate the entry was last modifiedMRSAT.ATN=DATE_LAST_MODIFIED
19MenuParentLink information to Term Menu parent. This may not always be the same as the TermParent. Element will not exist for top level menus, e.g. cancer.MRSAT.ATN=MENU_PARENT
20MenuTypeValues are one of Clinical Trials - CancerType, ClinicalTrials - Drug, or Cancer InformationMRSAT.ATN=MENU_TYPE
21DisplayNameDisplay name of the termMRCONSO.STR; MRCONSO.TTY = ET