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SOP (Source of Payment Typology) - Source Representation

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Summary of Changes:

No changes were made to the SOP input format or to Metathesaurus source processing

Source-Provided Files: Summary

The SOP distribution includes the following. Additional information can be accessed at http://www.phdsc.org/standards/payer-typology.asp

Data files:

File Name Description
SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt List of terms in the Source of Payment Typology
SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.pdf Source of Payment Typology User's Guide

To process SOP, definitions in SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.pdf were manually linked to terms in SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt

Not included

All terms in the file SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt are processed for the Metathesaurus. Of the definitions in SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.pdf, only those for terms in SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt are processed for the Metathesaurus.

Source-Provided Files: Details

The following is a list of elements in the SOP source files:

File Element Representation
SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt Code MRCONSO.CODE, MRCONSO.SCUI; also defines hierarchical relationships: truncating the final digit (or two digits, in the case of code 9999) from a code yields its parent code.
SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt Term MRCONSO.STR
SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.pdf Defined Term Manually mapped to terms in SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.txt
SourceofPaymentTypologyVersion6FINALSeptember2015.pdf Definition MRDEF.DEF