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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

2011AB Traditional Korean Medical Terms Source Information


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Term Type Description Count (MRCONSO.RRF)
PT Designated preferred name 770


  • A term type indicates the role an atom plays in its source
  • An atom is the smallest unit of naming in a source; that is, a specific string with specific code values and identifiers from a specific source.
  • Every atom has a separate row in MRCONSO.RRF. Every atom is assigned a term type.
  • Term types are assigned based on source documentation or NLM understanding of the source.
  • Sample data are provided for every term type in the source (see below).
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a list of all term type abbreviations and their full names.
  • See Metathesaurus Documentation for a list of sources and their associated term types, listed in default order of precedence.
  • See Section 2.3 of the UMLS Reference Manual for more information on terms and term types in the UMLS Metathesaurus.

Sample Data


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C0450472 A18427692 L9469187 S11769318 MTHU000009 경거
C0450474 A18427602 L9469200 S11769495 MTHU000011 어제
C0450475 A18427800 L9469002 S11769438 MTHU000012 소상
C0450476 A18427556 L9469246 S11769454 MTHU000013 수양명대장경혈
C0450483 A18427745 L9469292 S11769512 MTHU000020 온류
C0450485 A18427846 L9469090 S11769427 MTHU000022 상렴
C0450487 A18427557 L9469129 S11769327 MTHU000024 곡지
C0450495 A18427898 L9469221 S11769654 MTHU000032 화료
C0450500 A18427850 L9469030 S11769308 MTHU000037 거료