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UMD (UMDNS) - Source Representation


UMDNS is maintained in Apelon's TDE tool, and is submitted in "ontylog" xml format. The file processed for UMD2020 was "20191015_NLMTaskII2019.XML".
The information provided here applies explicitly to the English version of UMDNS. The German translation of UMDNS, DMDUMD, was last updated in 1996, and much of the information on this page is not applicable.

Summary of Changes in this version

No changes have been made to the original data files or to representation of UMDNS in 2020AA.

Source-Provided Files: Summary

The UMDNS submission to the UMLS Metathesaurus includes a single xml file.

Documentation and Reference

xml Data File

File Name Description
20191015_NLMTaskII2019.XML UMDNS data file

Not included:

The following data is excluded from UMLS processing:

  • Properties: "Attribute," "Comment," and "SPECIALTY_NAME" properties are excluded
  • Concepts with a "DEVICE_TYPE" of "Place Holder Terms" are excluded
  • Only definitions with a "Definition_Status" qualifier value of "Releasable" are used. Definitions with other qualifier values, including "Not Releasable," "Copyediting" or "<blank>" are excluded
  • Kind: Only concepts with kind = "UMDNS_Kind" are being included. The kind is not explicitly represented as an attribute.
  • Data in the "<code>" and "<id>" tags is specific to the TDE and is not processed

Source-Provided Files: Details


Tag/Element (examples) Description Representation
UMDNS_Kind identifies active, non-retired UMDNS concepts. All concepts with UMDNS_Kind are included in the Metathesaurus. The kind is not represented explicitly as an attribute.
<kindDef reference="false">
Retired_Kind identifies those UMDNS concepts that have been retired from the nomenclature. Retired concepts are not included in the UMLS Metathesaurus.
<pickListItem>Trackable Device</pickListItem>
<pickListItem>Capital Equipment</pickListItem>
<pickListItem>Exclude from SB/UMDNS production</pickListItem>
<pickListItem>Counter terrorism suppression</pickListItem>
<pickListItem>Previously Trackable Device</pickListItem>
This element is not included in the Metathesaurus. N/A
Contains the UMDNS code either (1) as assigned by the ECRI legacy system (through July 2005) or (2) as assigned by the Apelon TDE. Associated only with UMDNS preferred concepts, entry terms, related terms or hierarchical terms. UMDNS synonyms are not associated with a CODE_IN_SOURCE. MRCONSO.CODE,SCUI,SDUI for "PT", "RT", "SY" and "HT" atoms.
The SDUI value for "ET"s is the "CODE_IN_SOURCE" value of the associated "PT".
<qualifierDef type="CP">
The "DEFINITION" property contains the UMDNS definition value.
The Definition_Status qualifier qualifies the "DEFINITION" property. MRDEF.DEF.
Only definitions with the qualifier "Releasable" are included in the UMLS Metathesaurus.
When present, this element value is redundant to the conceptDef name, and is not used in Metathesaurus source processing. N/A