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Conference Proceedings


  • The Conference Proceedings subject guide includes major sources of information for finding conference proceedings, papers, posters, and abstracts for national and international conferences. The subject guide provides an overview of the most widely available resources.
  • This subject guide is not meant to be comprehensive but to serve as a pointer to major information sources.
  • The MeSH Guide includes the Medical Subject Headings [MeSH] and Subheadings [sh] that NLM uses to index references and catalog works about conference literature. Use these terms to search MEDLINE/PubMed, LocatorPlus or the NLM Catalog to retrieve references on conference proceedings.
  • The organizations listed are sources of conference proceedings information. Use Health Hotlines to identify other professional or governmental health organizations.
  • Contact your local public, university, or health sciences library for more help in finding sources of conference literature.
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