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MeSH Subheadings

MeSH Subheading Qualifier Hierarchies dealing with drugs (click on subheadings where appropriate to see additional indented hierarchal subheadings and see the MeSH Subheadings 2 letter abbreviations table).

adverse effects - abbreviated ae

analysis - abbreviated an

chemically induced - abbreviated ci

chemistry - abbreviated ch

classification - abbreviated cl

drug effects - abbreviated de

drug therapy - abbreviated dt

etiology - abbreviated et

history - abbreviated hi

organization and administration - abbreviated og

pathogenicity - abbreviated py

pharmacology - abbreviated pd

physiology - abbreviated ph

psychology - abbreviated px

statistics and numerical data - abbreviated sn

therapeutic use - abbreviated tu

therapy - abbreviated th

veterinary - abbreviated ve

An example for cancer drug therapy may be: Neoplasms/dt[mh] using the abbreviation or spelling out the subheading Neoplasms/drug therapy[mh]. Substitute [majr] for [mh] to narrow retrieval to articles with this topic as the main focus. Also consider using the drugs: Antineoplastic Agents [mh] or specific drugs pharmacological action: Antineoplastic Agents [pa].

Pharmacological Action [PA]. Substances known to have a particular pharmacologic action. Each pharmacologic action term index is created with the drug/substance terms known to have that effect. This includes both MeSH terms and terms for Supplementary Concept Records. A list of Pharmacological Actions is available. has a number of Tutorials, Quick Tours and Webcasts.

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