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Health Statistics


  • The Health Statistics and Numerical Data subject guide includes some of the major sources of health and general statistics in the United States and a brief list of international resources.
  • This subject guide is not meant to be comprehensive but to serve as a pointer to major information sources.
  • The MeSH Guide includes the Medical Subject Headings [MeSH] and Subheadings [sh] that NLM uses to index references and catalog works about statistics. Use these terms to search MEDLINE/PubMed, LocatorPlus or the NLM Catalog to retrieve references on additional statistical topics.
  • Selected Resources sections consist of a small number of resources chosen from the great number available. Resources include print and online publications, databases, datasets, online tools, and Websites. The majority are from U.S. Government agencies.
  • Some resources appear in more than one category.
  • The organizations listed are sources of statistical data. Use MedlinePlus to identify other professional or governmental health organizations.
  • Contact your local public, university, or health sciences library for additional help in finding sources of health statistical information.
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