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Health Statistics (General) - Selected Resources

Caregiver Statistics: Demographics, Family Caregiver Alliance. This fact sheet gives numbers and characteristics of persons providing care to someone else who is incapacitated. c2016. The association also publishes Research and Reports.

HCEA Top 50 Largest Medical Meetings - Total Attendance, Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association. This page lists total attendance and professional attendance at meetings that took place in 2013.

Health United States, 2015, National Center for Health Statistics, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published 2016 May. Annual report includes chartbook and detailed tables that provide a picture of health in the US, US Department of Health and Human Services. Home page for Healthy People, the science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Developed by a Federal Interagency Workgroup.

Hoyert DL. 75 Years of Mortality in the United States, 1935–2010 [Internet]. NCHS Data Brief. 2012 Mar;(88):1-8. PubMed PMID: 22617094.

National Center for Health Statistics, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). Published since 1957. Covers a broad range of health topics collected through personal household interviews. Includes link to Summary Health Statistics and other health statistics from the 1960s forward.

Preedy VR, Watson RR, eds. Handbook of Disease Burdens and Quality of Life Measures. New York: Springer; 2010. 6 vols. Reference book of instruments and methodologies, disease burdens and economic impact, and quality of life measures and indices used to quantify disease and its human costs. Available for purchase.

Stats Database covers more than 200,000 datasets and includes health data. Available from Sage Publishing by subscription.

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