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MeSH Terms Used to Search for Statistics

You can find the terms below and other terms by searching the MeSH database under “statistics”:

MeSH Headings [mh]

Biostatistics [mh] A narrower term under Statistics as Topic [MeSH].

Epidemiology [mh] This is the field of medicine. Use the subheading with diseases: epidemiology [sh].

Statistics as Topic [mh] Narrower terms for statistical methods and concepts appear under this broad term.

Vital Statistics [mh] Used for general articles concerning statistics of births, deaths, marriages, etc. Narrower terms are available under this term: Life Expectancy; Life Tables; Morbidity; Mortality; Pregnancy Rate.

Subheadings [sh]

economics [subheading] Abbreviation: /ec Example: Mass Screening/ec

epidemiology [sh] Use with a disease term. Abbreviation: /ep Example: Rabies/ep Note the more specific terms included under this subheading.

ethnology [sh] Abbreviation: /eh Example: Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic/eh

manpower [sh] Abbreviation: /ma Example: Occupational Therapy/ma

mortality [sh] Abbreviation: /mo Example: Lipectomy/mo

statistics and numerical data [sh] Use with non-disease terms. Abbreviation: /sn Example: Accidental Falls/sn [mh:noexp]

The more specific terms included under this subheading: ethnology [sh]; mortality [sh]

supply and distribution [sh] Abbreviation: /sd Example: Influenza Vaccines/sd

utilization [sh] Abbreviation: /ut Example: Electronic Health Records/ut

Publication Types [pt]

Statistics [pt]. Works consisting of presentations of numerical data on particular subjects. Used only in LocatorPlus®, and the NLM Catalog, not PubMed®.

tables [pt] A Publication Type used in LocatorPlus® and the NLM Catalog, not PubMed.

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