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Pharmaceutical Statistics


Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Represents US pharmaceutical industry research and biotechnology companies. Publishes reports that include statistical information.

Selected Resources

Bartholow M. Top 200 Drugs of 2012. Pharmacy Times 2013 Jul 13;79(7):42,44. This annual feature includes a table of the top 200 drugs in the U.S. market by total sales in dollars and by total number of prescriptions.

Chow SC, editor. Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. 3rd ed. rev. New York: Informa Health; 2010. A guide with entries covering statistical design and methods, and updated regulations on regulatory requirements for the pipeline of drug and pharmaceutical product development. U.S. Pharmaceutical Sales. Includes data such as medications name, pharmaceutical companies, and the total amount of sales. Provides a list of the top 100 prescribed medications in the United States for 2003 - .

FASTATS: Therapeutic Drug Use . US Centers for Disease Control. Includes data on prescription drug use, and drugs ordered during physician office visits, and hospital outpatient and emergency department visits.

FiercePharma. Top Pharma Companies by 2014 Revenues. Washington (DC): FierceMarkets; 2015 Mar 18. Newsletter publishes annual listing from drug companies by sales.

Forbes Global 2000: The World Biggest Public Companies. New York: Forbes: 2013 - . Filter by Industry Pharmaceuticals; filters for country and state are also available. Includes data such as sales, profits, assets and market value.

Health Care Cost Institute. 2014 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report. Washington (DC): Health Care Cost Institute. 2015 Oct.

Health Care Cost Institute. Children's Health Spending 2010-2014. Washington (DC): Health Care Cost Institute. 2015 July.

Health Care Cost Institute. Spending on prescriptions in 2011. Washington (DC): Health Care Cost Institute; 2012 Sep. (Issue brief;4). This report includes per capita spending on prescriptions and average price for prescription drugs.

IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Developments in Cancer Treatments, Market Dynamics, Patient Access and Value: Global Oncology Trend Report 2015. Parsippany (NJ): The Institute; 2015 April 29.

IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Global Medicines Use in 2020: Outlook and Implications. Parsippany (NJ): The Institute; 2015 November 15.

IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Medicines Use and Spending Shifts: A Review of Medicines in the U.S. in 2014. Parsippany (NJ): The Institute: 2015 April 6.

Lucado J; Paez K., Elixhauser A. Medication-Related Adverse Outcomes in U.S. Hospitals and Emergency Departments, 2008. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project ; 2011 Apr. 17 p. (HCUP Statistical Brief;109).

MEPS Topics: Prescription Drugs (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). This AHRQ page provides links to data tables and Statistical Briefs on medication use and expenditures.

Novel New Drugs. US Food and Drug Administration; 2011 - . Includes data on the number of new drugs brought to market and timelines for the drug review process.

PAREXEL’s bio/pharmaceutical R & D statistical sourcebook. Boston: PAREXEL International Corp.; c2006 - . Annual. This print resource includes U.S. and international data on drug research and development. Also available as an e-book from Barnett Educational Services.

Pharmaceutical market intelligence reports. West Sussex (UK): Espicom Business Intelligence, 2009 - . Reports available by country within regional sections. Includes country demographics, health care statistics, pharmaceutical and biological pricing, distribution, and market analysis, and some individual company analysis. An abridged version is available annually as the World Pharmaceutical Markets Fact Book, 2004- . Includes Online access requires subscription.

Pharmaceutical statistics: the journal of applied statistics in the pharmaceutical industry. Chichester (UK): Wiley; v.1 -, c2002- . Bimonthly. This journal is the official journal of PSI, Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Ltd. It is Indexed in MEDLINE, v.5 - , 2006 - . The MEDLINE title abbreviation is Pharm Stat [ta].

PhRMApedia (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America). Search the PhRMA database of reports, press releases, white papers and videos.

Plunkett JW. Health Care Industry Almanac. Houston (TX): Plunkett Research; 1995 - . Includes profiles of the Health Care 500 companies, as well as industry information and selective new pharmaceutical development and drug usage statistics.

Plunkett JW. Plunkett's Biotech & Genetics Industry Almanac. Houston (TX): Plunkett Research; 2000 - . Includes list of Biotech 350 International Companies, as well as industry information and selective new pharmaceutical development and drug usage statistics.

RxList: Internet Drug Index. Top 200 Drugs - US Only. San Clemente (CA): WebMD; 2016. Annual list by RxList of the top drug sales, listed alphabetically by drug name or in order of the number of prescriptions dispensed. Index to the list is in the middle of the page.

Statistics and Facts about the Pharmaceutical Industry Worldwide. Statista Dossier: New York; 2010- . Some free overall statistical data on Pharmaceutical Market: Worldwide Revenue…; Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Markets and Growth; Top 50 Pharmaceutical Companies: Rx Sales and R& D Spending; other reports and data require subscription.

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