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Public Services Division

Americans with Disabilities

Brault MW. Americans With Disabilities: 2010. Washington (DC): U.S. Census Bureau; 2012 Jul. (Current Population Reports; 70-131). Tables are available in PDF and XLS.

Brault MW. Disability Among the Working Age Population: 2008 and 2009. Washington (DC): U.S. Census Bureau; 2011 Sep. (American Community Survey Briefs; ACSBR/09-12).

Brault MW. School-Aged Children With Disabilities in U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas: 2010. Washington (DC): U.S. Census Bureau; 2011 Nov. (American Community Survey Briefs; ACSBR/10-12).

Caregiver Statistics: Demographics (Family Caregiver Alliance). This is a fact sheet on numbers and characteristics of persons providing care to someone else who is incapacitated.

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