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Salary Surveys

ALA-APA Librarian and Library Worker Salary Surveys (American Library Association). This survey is a joint project of the ALA Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) and the American Library Association Office for Research and Statistics. Available data include MLS data from 2005-2012 for librarians in public and academic libraries and non-MLS data from 2006 and 2007. Available for purchase through paid subscription or as a print publication at . Free Salary Survey Summaries and Fact Sheets are available at

ALA-APA Salary Survey Links (ALA Allied Professional Association). This page provides links to resources on librarian and library technician salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, JobStar Central, and others.

Corcoran, Kate, ed. MLA 2012 Compensation and Benefits Survey [Internet]. Chicago: Medical Library Association; 2013. 48 p. This report reviews the compensation and work practices for medical librarians. Available free to members from Member Center.

Hay Group/MLA 2008 Salary Survey (Medical Library Association). The Hay Group conducted the ninth Compensation and Benefits Survey for the Medical Library Association in September and October, 2008. Summary information is available on this Website. The full report is available for purchase as a PDF file.

Maatta, Stephanie L. Placements & Salaries Survey 2012: Explore All the Data [Internet]. Library Journal 2012 October 15. This report shows job placement data for 2011 graduates of library and information science programs. Print article appears in Library Journal 2012 Oct 15;137(17):18-25.

Salary Survey (Association of Research Libraries). ARL collects salary data of all professional staff working in the university and non-university member libraries. Annual reports analyzing these data are available for purchase in print and online formats.

Special LibrariesAssociation (SLA) 2012 Salary Survey. SLA collects and analyzes salary data for special libraries in Canada and the U.S. according to such factors as job responsibilities, job title, geographic region, years of experience, and size of the company. Available for purchase in PDF format only. SLA was formerly the Special Libraries Association.

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