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FAQ: NLM® LocatorPlus® -- Searching for Co-Author’s Name

Question: I am a co-editor of an item in LocatorPlus, but I cannot find it when searching for my name. Why?


If your name is not the first name appearing in the author list on the book or other item, it may not be represented on the cataloging record. NLM follows the rules and guidelines of the latest editions of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules in creating LocatorPlus cataloging records. These rules serve as the current authority for descriptive cataloging at NLM and other libraries.

According to these rules, if a single statement of responsibility names more than three persons, performing the same function, or with the same degree of responsibility, only the first name is recorded.

The first name is a searchable access point to that particular title. The remaining names associated with the title, are represented by the cataloging convention of a mark of omission (...) and the addition of [et al.]

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