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FAQ - Citing Studies from

Question: How do I cite a study from
-To cite a study from, use the format provided at,citing&rid=citmed

-General Format:

Author; Author. Title. In: [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US). 2000- [cited date]. Available from: URL of the record NLM Identifier: NCTXXXXXXXX.

[Note: The authors are the sponsors of the study and the title is the name of the study. The "cited date" is the date you accessed the record. Dates are in the format of YYYYMMMDD. The NLM Identifier is at the bottom of the record under "More Information."]


National Institute of Mental Health; University of Virginia. Randomized study of the effects of glucose on cognition in healthy young and elderly people and Parkinson's disease patients. In: [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US). 2000- [cited 2002 Feb 27]. Available from: NLM Identifier: NCT00004451.

- Additional Resource Information on clinical trials is at

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