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DOCLINE -- SERHOLD to OCLC Batch Update Cost

Question: What does the SERHOLD to OCLC batch update cost?


NLM does not charge for exporting DOCLINE serial holdings data, however there may be fees assessed for the OCLC processing if the library is not currently an OCLC participant. If your library is an OCLC participant, there is no charge.

If your library does not yet have an OCLC symbol, your library will have to be "profiled" by your OCLC regional service provider (RSP). OCLC does not charge profiling fees; however, the RSP can charge a profiling fee and may also charge a membership fee. Please see OCLC Regional Service Provider information for more information about RSPs.

Contact your Regional DOCLINE Coordinator for assistance with questions on this topic.

A listing of Regional DOCLINE Coordinators is located at the bottom of the SERHOLD Fact Sheet (

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