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DOCLINE -- Send holdings to OCLC from DOCLINE Serial Holdings

Question: If my library participates in OCLC and reports serial holdings in DOCLINE, how do I authorize NLM to send a copy of my library's holdings records to OCLC?


  1. Select Institutions from the DOCLINE main menu.
  2. Select Update (LIBID)
  3. On the Institution navigation bar, select Membership, then Serial Holdings.
  4. The Batch Update Authorization field has a drop down list of values. The default is "No Authorization Given". Select "Send Holdings to OCLC".
  5. Under Organization ID, "OCLC Symbol 1" field, input your OCLC Symbol.
  6. There should be no values in "OCLC Symbol 2" and/or "OCLC Symbol 3". Holdings will only map to one OCLC Symbol, and therefore this service should not be used  by libraries who share an OCLC symbol or have multiple symbols.
    • Regional DOCLINE Coordinators will provide assistance with questions on this topic.
    • A listing of Regional DOCLINE Coordinators is located at the bottom of the SERHOLD Fact Sheet (

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