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DOCLINE Serial Holdings to OCLC Batch Update Multiple OCLC IDs

Question: My library is part of a larger institution that uses one OCLC code (ex. MWF) with multiple holding library codes for each "branch" (ex. MWFA and MWFB). Can my library still participate in DOCLINE Serial Holdings to OCLC Batch Update?


Unfortunately, no. In your library's case, it would be better to update in both systems.

OCLC replaces the pre-existing set of local data records (LDRs) attached to a specific bibliographic record with the holdings records sent for batch updating.

If your medical library, the science library, and the main library all had holdings on the same title, the holdings for your library would be updated and the holdings for the other two libraries would be removed.

Regional DOCLINE Coordinators will provide assistance with questions on this topic.

A listing of Regional DOCLINE Coordinators is located at the bottom of the SERHOLD Fact Sheet (

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