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DOCLINE -- Adjusting a Computer for the Best Viewing of DOCLINE

Question: How do I adjust my computer for the best viewing of DOCLINE?


Review the following settings if you are experiencing problems viewing DOCLINE windows:

  • Check your screen resolution (Display Properties - Settings Tab). The "Screen resolution" 1024 x 768 is strongly recommended. The minimum should be 800 x 600.
  • Check your system settings for fonts (Display Properties - Appearance Tab, Font Size). Setting it to "Normal" fonts should help, but some people prefer "Large".
  • Check the font size in your browser. Adjusting the fonts smaller may help.

Using the Full Screen setting in Internet Explorer or Firefox is an option to view more of a Web page. Also, Internet Explorer and Firefox allow users to remove or temporarily "hide" tool bars to see more of a web page. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, right click on the tool bar to select or deselect tool bars to display.

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