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DOCLINE -- Placing a Request in Case of a Clinical Emergency/Urgent Patient Care

Question: How do I send a request to NLM in case of a Clinical Emergency / Urgent Patient Care?


Requests for articles needed in case of urgent patient care may be sent to directly to NLM for expedited handling. Use NLM's separate LIBID, MDULMF, when placing Urgent Patient Care requests.  Urgent Patient Care requests are filled by NLM within two hours of receipt.

When placing your Urgent Patient Care request, on the Routing Instructions screen:

  1. In the Request Information portion, leave the Need No Later Than field blank or chose a date after than the current date
  2. In the Delivery and Routing portion, choose "Urgent Patient Care" from the Service Level menu.
  3. Set NLM Delivery Method to Fax, E-mail, Web or Odyssey, preferably E-mail or Web.
  4. Enter LIBID MDULMF in the Route to LIBID input box.  Note: If you want the request to route only to NLM's Clinical Emergency Service, select Clear All Routing Options. Requests that NLM cannot supply will retire.
  5. Select Next to continue, or FINISH NOW.

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