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DOCLINE -- Update MedlinePlus Consumer Health Display

Question: How do I update my MedlinePlus Consumer Health Libraries display?


The information displayed in MedlinePlus comes from your library's DOCLINE institution record. The MedlinePlus Consumer Health libraries page is updated weekly on Monday night. Changes you make to your record appear on the following Tuesday morning.

To update your library's information displayed in MedlinePlus, please follow these steps:

  1. From the DOCLINE main menu, select Institutions.
  2. Select Update <LIBID>, where <LIBID> is your institution's LIBID. Your library's institution record is displayed.
  3. On the Address page of your institution record, update the following as necessary:

    • Institution Address: The Institution Address should appear as you would like it to be displayed in an online directory listing.

      • We recommend Title Case rather than UPPERCASE.
      • The Institution address should not contain department level information (e.g. ILL Department).
      • US libraries should enter their zip codes using the full ZIP+4 number. To find your ZIP+4 address, go to
    • Institution Phone: Enter your library's main phone number.

      Note: An example of a Phone Number is 555-1212. The Ext. field should include only numbers, not "x" or "ext."
    • URL: Enter or modify the URL address which will appear in MedlinePlus. A complete URL (including "http://") should be entered. MedlinePlus will display a single URL based upon the order shown below.

      1. Consumer Health Home Page
      2. Library Home Page
      3. Institution Home Page
      4. OPAC Home Page
      5. If none of the above are entered, then no URL is displayed.

        For example, if there is no Consumer Health home page, then the Library home page URL would display.
  4. Click Save. Remember that changes you make to your record appear on Tuesday morning on the MedlinePlus Consumer Health library page.

We also recommend that libraries review & update the consumer health contact information (People page). This information is not displayed in MedlinePlus, but will be helpful to other libraries with questions or referrals.

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