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DOCLINE -- Contacting Other Libraries

Question: How do I send a library a message from within DOCLINE?


There are two ways to send a message to another library from within DOCLINE; the "Contact Library" feature in DOCLINE Requests, and the ILL Contact's email link in the library's Institution record.

To contact another library regarding a specific request:

  1. Select Requests, Status/Cancel from the DOCLINE main menu.
  2. Retrieve your request(s) by entering the request number(s), individual patron name or email address in the Request # or Patron search box, OR  under Define Search Limits, select search criteria (e.g., "DOCLINE" or "Loansome Doc", "Borrow" or "Lend"), choose request status (e.g., "Pending", "Filled") and set the date range you wish to search within.
  3. Click SEARCH.
  4. Select the corresponding Contact Library link for the desired request.
  5. In the resulting Contact Library form, fill in your contact information and the message text.  The form is automatically addressed to all ILL Contacts listed in the recipient library's Institution record and the selected request number is inserted into the subject line.
  6. Click Send.

Note:  This message is not retained within the DOCLINE System.

To email an individual at another library:

  1. Select Institutions from the DOCLINE main menu.
  2. Enter the LIBID, Institution Name or Contact Name in the designated boxes or click on the More Search Options button to build your search.
  3. Click SEARCH.
  4. Click on the Institution name link for the desired library.  The library's information will display in "Interlibrary Loan" view; this view includes ILL contact information.  To view all staff listed in DOCLINE for the library, in the View Options area, select "Contact/People" and click REFRESH.
  5. Click on the email address shown for the desired contact.  Depending on your local email system, this will insert the email address into a new blank email message.
  6. Compose your email and send.

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