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DOCLINE -- Cookie Message

Question: Why am I getting the "cookie message" when my browser is set to accept cookies?


A few institutions have reported seeing this message at login: "DOCLINE requires you to login and accept a cookie", even though their browser settings are correct. The most frequent reason is that these institutions are attempting to login behind a firewall.

Some libraries have worked with their firewall software vendor to resolve the connection problem through software settings, others have added NLM's DOCLINE IP address as a trusted source. Another option that may solve your problem is connecting to DOCLINE through a proxy server.

In order to evaluate the problem with connecting to DOCLINE from behind a firewall, you will need to analyze the information being passed/rejected by the firewall. You may need to contact the vendor of your firewall software. Our experience has been that they will require:

  • A packet trace of your attempted login from behind the firewall (unsuccessful login).
  • A packet trace from a machine outside the firewall (successful login).
  • The firewall configuration file.

You should contact the firewall software vendor to see if they need additional information.

If your firewall vendor cannot resolve the situation, NLM would need to know what is being rejected (not passed) by the firewall either down to the individual client and/or back up to our server. Potentially we would need to work with the firewall vendor.

If you want to add NLM's IP address as a trusted source, please send a message to including your institution name, LIBID, and contact information for the technical resource at your site.

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