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DOCLINE -- Copyright for Distribution of Electronic Journals

Question: What does NLM do about copyright for distribution of electronic journals?


In the US, interlibrary loan is covered by Sections 107 and 108 of the US Code; those sections cover fair use and library copying. Both sections have been judged to apply in the digital environment as well. NLM accepts interlibrary loan requests only from other libraries, not from individuals. If an article is available electronically, and NLM's license allows it, the article will be delivered electronically. At this time, NLM is providing most articles from the print collection.

Whenever possible, NLM will negotiate licenses that allow interlibrary loan and onsite use for patrons.

Only materials copied outside of what is allowed under Sections 107-108 would require payment to the publisher or other copyright holder. NLM does not perform such copying, and has no agreements with the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. or with publishers for royalty payments.

For more information on copyright, we suggest: United States Copyright Office, CONTU Guidelines.

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