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DOCLINE -- Temporary Library Deactivation

Question: How do I temporarily deactivate my DOCLINE account?


Libraries can prevent requests from routing to them as needed due to staff absences or special circumstances by completing the Out of Office form in DOCLINE which will set their institution to Temporarily Inactive. 

Place your request by following these steps:

  1. Select Institutions from the DOCLINE main menu.
  2. Select Update <LIBID> where <LIBID> is your institution's LIBID.
  3. Select Out of Office on the institution navigation bar.
  4. Enter the beginning date when requests should not route to your library as MM-DD-YYYY.
  5. Enter the date when requests should resume routing to your library.

Note:  Out of Office requests require approval to ensure that RMLs are aware of the status of libraries in their regions to help them determine possible areas of need so they can offer assistance and guidance. When possible, please submit the Out of Office request in advance of closure.

The message "Out of Office request is awaiting RML approval" will appear in the "Activity and Status" area of the Home page.  Once the RML approves the request, the message is cleared.  Time-Triggered Actions will automatically change the library's status to "Temporarily Not Receiving Requests" once the beginning date is reached, and back to "active" status once the resume date is reached.  If the RML approves the request on the same day as the begin date, the library's status is changed immediately.

Temporary deactivation prevents DOCLINE requests from routing to your library. However, Loansome Doc patrons can still place requests if a resume date is provided; although patrons are warned that their requests may not be acted upon until that date. If you do not provide a resume date, patrons will not be able to place Loansome Doc requests with your library.

Note: On the last day your library is active, please process as many requests as possible as 'Filled' or 'Not Filled'.  At the end of the day, please receipt any new requests and process all outstanding requests as 'Not Filled' so they will immediately route on to the next potential lender.

You may contact your Regional Medical Library at 1-800-338-7657 in the United States or 1-800-668-1222 in Canada. Within DOCLINE, select Contact Us from the top menu and click "Contact Your RML" from the Contact DOCLINE page. You can also click "Contact Your RML" from the DOCLINE system page which is located at

A list of Regional Medical Libraries and the areas served by each can be found on the website of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, here:

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