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DOCLINE -- Routing a Request Directly to a Specific Institution


Question: Can I route a monograph request directly to a specific institution?


Your M/A/N map (Monographs, Audiovisuals, and Non-NLM journals) should contain the most likely sources for borrowing originals, however if you have identified a title that is owned by a specific institution, you have the option of modifying your M/A/N Map during Borrow to route the request to a specific institution.

To route a request to a specific institution:

  1. Confirm that the institution owns the item you wish to borrow.
  2. On the "Routing Instructions" screen, in the M/A/N Map, replace the first LIBID with the LIBID of the institution to which you would like to direct the request.
  3. Optional: Delete any other LIBIDs that are in the M/A/N Map.

Please do not use the Manual request option method to request monographs or A/V items from NLM. If the item is not found in LocatorPlus, then NLM does not own it.

Note: A request will only route to an institution if the other routing instructions (e.g. service level, delivery method) for the request match the institution's services.

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