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DOCLINE -- DOCLINE-L Discussion List

Question: What is the DOCLINE-L Discussion List?


DOCLINE-L is an email discussion list available from the National Library of Medicine (NLM). DOCLINE-L is restricted to registered DOCLINE® users. The purpose of the discussion list is to provide NLM with a means of broadcasting messages to DOCLINE users. It also provides a forum for DOCLINE users to communicate with each other and with NLM about issues related to DOCLINE, serial holdings, or document delivery. The list is unmoderated; however, postings are limited to list subscribers. The DOCLINE-L Archives allow users to search list postings, modify subscription options, and post messages.

We recommend that all DOCLINE libraries also subscribe to their regional discussion lists for important regional announcements in addition to subscribing to NLM's DOCLINE-L (to receive messages affecting all DOCLINE users). Many DOCLINE announcements will be sent both to regional discussion lists and to the NLM DOCLINE-L list. If you are subscribed in both places, you may see some messages twice.

You can find additional information about DOCLINE-L, including instructions for sending messages, subscribing, and unsubscribing at

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