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DOCLINE -- How are embargoes evaluated for routing?

Question: How are embargoes for electronic journals evaluated for routing?


The DOCLINE routing algorithm uses either LinkOut embargo information or manually input embargo periods when matching requests to lenders who report electronic holdings for a requested serial.  DOCLINE checks LinkOut when the title being requested is reported as owned by a potential lender.  It only applies to LinkOut, and not to libraries using a link resolver via Outside Tool. 

The DOCLINE Routing Algorithm calculates how many months ago the requested item was published using the article ePubDate, which may differ from the publication date displayed in the citation and may not be visible to the user.  The number of months (age of article) is then compared to lender embargoes to determine whether or not they can supply the requested item.

Note: DOCLINE only checks for embargoes for citations containing a PMID (PubMed Unique Identifier).  Embargoes are not checked during routing for requests placed using the LocatorPlus or Manual request method because DOCLINE cannot precisely or consistently evaluate dates or check LinkOut without a PMID.

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