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DOCLINE -- Identifying Free Full Text Articles in PubMed

 Question: How do I know if the full text of an article cited in PubMed is available free?


In PubMed results, in the default Summary display format, the "Free article" link under a citation indicates that free full text of the article is available (Figure 1). The "Free article" link opens the citation in Abstract display where users can choose icon links to the full text (Figure 2). 

Figure 1 - Free article link

picture showing free links in PubMed

Figure 2 - One or more free full text icons may display

Additional access to other free full text articles (if available) also appears on the search results screen (Figure 3).  The "Free Full Text" filter in the middle left narrows the search results to only citations with free full text.  Also, free full text articles in PubMed Central are indicated (bottom right).

Figure 3 - Additional access to free full text items

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