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DOCLINE -- ILL Information of the Lending Institution

Question: How do I view the interlibrary loan information (including phone contacts, charges and delivery methods) of the institution to which my request has routed?


To view the interlibrary loan information for the institution where your request has routed do the following:

  1. Select Requests, then Status/Cancel.
  2. Enter the request number in the field provided and click Go.


    By using the pull-down menu, set the search limits to DOCLINE and Borrow and choose the remaining parameters as appropriate. Click Go on the far right to display the request status information.
  3. Click on the LIBID link next to the lending institution name for the appropriate request number. A new window will open displaying the ILL information for that institution.
  4. Click on the View Entire Record link at the top of the ILL information window to display the full Institution Record for that LIBID.

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