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DOCLINE -- Javascript Error

Question: What do I do when I get a Javascript error?


Please notify NLM of the error message via the "Contact Us" link in DOCLINE under Help, or use our contact form, here:  Click on the link "Report a Problem with DOCLINE". You may alternately send a message to

In the Error Text field, copy the complete text of the error message so that we can investigate.

In the Problem field, provide a detailed description of the problem including the window name where the error was encountered as well as a detailed description of the actions taken preceeding the error. Explain which function(s) you are encountering problems with or you are unable to perform. Also include your institution name, LIBID, and contact information for you and the technical resource at your site.

To View the Complete Text of the Javascript error:

Internet Explorer (IE):

Depending upon your browser settings, the error message will automatically display or will be indicated by a yellow caution symbol in your status bar.

  1. Double-click on the icon to view the error.
  2. Click Show Details to view the error text.

Firefox :

  1. Select Tools, JavaScript Console or Shift+C to open the JavaScript Console.
  2. Click on the Errors button. Error messages will be displayed.

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