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DOCLINE -- Transferring a Loansome Doc Request

Question: How do I transfer a Loansome Doc request?


If you cannot fill a Loansome Doc request from your own collection, and want to turn it into an ILL request in DOCLINE, do the following:

  1. From the DOCLINE main menu, select Requests, then Borrow, then Loansome Doc Transfer.
  2. Click the Show All button to retrieve all pending Loansome Doc requests OR search by specific Loansome Doc request number or all or part of a patron name or email address, and click Search.
  3. Change the "Ship request to" Patron or Library as appropriate for the request(s) to be transferred. 
  4. Click the "Transfer Request" link for the specific request to initiate the transfer.
  5. Complete the Routing Instructions page.
  6. Select an appropriate "Reason for Ordering" if you wish this information to be displayed on the receipt as your "Referral Reason".
  7. Review/update the information displayed on the Delivery Address screen.
  8. Click FINISH.

    Note: Users should not reject a Loansome Doc request in Lend if it is to be transferred into DOCLINE.

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