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Question: How do I learn DOCLINE?


There is an online manual available in DOCLINE, as well as a series of FAQs. These resources are located under the respective Help and FAQ menu items in DOCLINE.

You can find information about DOCLINE from the DOCLINE System page at

NLM hosts DOCLINE-L, a discussion list which posts announcements, news, and member discussions about DOCLINE features, developments and issues.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine's Regional Medical Libraries provide training and user assistance for DOCLINE in their respective regions. DOCLINE tutorials and training presentations are available on Regional Medical Library websites. Their websites can be reached via   

For training, you should contact your Regional DOCLINE Coordinator. In the United States, your DOCLINE coordinator can be reached by calling 1-800-338-7657.  A member of your region's office will reply to your question. Canadian libraries can reach their DOCLINE Coordinator at or by calling 1-800-668-1222. Mexican libraries can reach their DOCLINE Coordinator at or by calling 713-799-7880.

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