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DOCLINE -- Email Notification of Lend requests

Question: How do I get an email notification when Lend requests route to my library?


Libraries can be alerted by email when new DOCLINE or Loansome Doc requests route to them.  Users choose to be alerted for all DOCLINE requests, or only certain service levels (Normal, Rush, or Urgent Patient Care) and Loansome Doc requests.  To set up your alerts, do the following:

  1. From the DOCLINE main menu, select Institutions.
  2. Select Update <LIBID>.
  3. Click DOCLINE Options. 
  4. Choose "Lending Preferences".
  5. Select the type(s) of incoming requests to receive alerts for.
  6. Input receipient email address (use shared library account, if available).
  7. Click SAVE.

Note:  Some organizations' email system security rejects incoming emails which are generated by an automated system such as DOCLINE.  If your library does not receive the email alerts after turning then on, please work with your institution's email administrators to 'white list' the address or otherwise accomodate DOCLINE-generated emails.

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